How not to be tracked by cell phone? See 3 useful tips to apply now

You cell phones are a great communication tool, data storage and research source. However, its use requires special care to avoid possible data leakage, such as its location.

Currently, many apps ask for permission to collect location data from their users. Indeed, although it is possible to alleviate this problem, our privacy can still be invaded by cell phone operators and other companies.

With that in mind, we brought 3 tips that will help you avoid tracking your cell phone and how to disable the location of your device, namely:

1. Do not share your location with apps and websites

When some suspicious website or app asks for permission to track your location, it is important that you do not grant it. In view of this, it is essential that you also turn off sharing in the applications installed on your smartphone.

For this, on both Android and IOS devices, we can avoid tracking by accessing the device’s settings and, in the security and location option, deactivating the user’s location access permission.

However, it is worth remembering that even when disabling the location of the applications, the cell phone sends the information in cases of emergency.

2. Prevent Google from saving your location

Much is said about the storage of data by Google these days, because when accessing your account, many saved data are stored on the platform. Therefore, to prevent access, simply access the activity controls your account and disable sharing your location.

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3. Use a Private Network (VPN)

The VPN also prevents tracking your cell phone. Its use immediately interrupts access to the user’s location, provides more security in navigation and brings greater protection of your data.

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