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In addition to the change on the right side, with the suspension of Léo Matos, coach Jorginho may also be forced to change the left side for the confrontation against Sport. Substituted against Novorizontino, last Saturday, Edimar felt the back of his thigh and is undergoing treatment at Vasco not to be left out of the decisive game next Sunday, at Ilha do Retiro.

If you can’t count on the veteran, maybe the coach needs to improvise on the left side. That’s because Paulo Victor, the other option for the sector, complained of pain in his left ankle before the game against Operário and was absent in the last two rounds of Serie B after winning the title with Jorginho.

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Jorginho may have to move both sides of Vasco for a game against Sport — Photo: Daniel Ramalho/Vasco

Even in the first half in São Januário Edimar touched his thigh a few times. He left the field in the 36th minute of the final stage to make way for Luiz Henrique, who took the corner that resulted in Léo Matos’ goal at the end of the match. The midfielder had already played on Vasco’s left side in two other games in Serie B, against Criciúma and CRB. He started training in the position in June and tends to win the spot if the two main options are not available.

On the right side, even with Matheus Ribeiro available, the tendency is for the commander to also improvise. After the victory over Novorizontino, Jorginho mentioned the possibility of scaling defender Miranda in the position. Another alternative is to move Danilo Boza and return with Quintero to the defense.

– Both Matheus and Miranda, who I’ve been using as a right-back, came today and if I had to, I even thought about putting him on, Léo already had a card. But he had the need to take out Edimar, it was the last replacement. Let’s think carefully about it – said Jorge.

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Matheus Ribeiro was hired by Vasco in August to fill the gap left by Gabriel Dias, who had to undergo knee surgery. The ex-Avaí side, however, was unable to establish himself. He started in four of the five games in which he played, but lost his spot after the defeat to Brusque, in the 28th round. Léo Matos, before the last option, became the starter with the arrival of Jorginho.

Despite the changes in the defense, the coach should keep the attack for next Sunday’s game, at 16h, in Ilha do Retiro. The squad of the last round pleased the club, and the expectation is for a lighter and bolder Vasco up front against a direct opponent for access – today only three points separate Sport from Jorginho’s team.

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