MP investigates Children’s Day in Uberaba that had weapons exposure

Renato Manfrim – Special for the State of Minas

posted on 10/13/2022 12:41

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After an event on Children’s Day, held by the City Hall of Uberaba, in a public square, allowing them to approach and touch weapons and bombs, prosecutor Ana Catharina Machado Normanton, from the Vara da Infância e Juventude de Uberaba, declared that the fact will be cleared.

The event entitled Tempo de Brincar, which took place yesterday morning (10/12) at Praça da Mogiana, had, in addition to attractions such as trampoline, sack race, among other games, also with tents of the Brazilian Army and Military Police, Civil and Federal, which showed variety in large-caliber weapons.

“In light of the complaints received, the MP is already investigating to find out what risks the children were exposed to as a result of the event”, said the prosecutor.

According to information in article 242 of the ECA, it is a crime to sell, provide, even free of charge, or deliver, in any way, to a child or adolescent a weapon, ammunition or explosive, under the risk of imprisonment for three to six years.

Judicial representation

One of the complaints received by the MP is the legal representation of federal deputy Rogério Correia (PT) against the mayor of Uberaba, Elisa Araújo (Solidariedade).

According to the document, the exposure of weapons goes against the Federal Constitution, contradicts the articles of the Children and Adolescents Statute (ECA) and also goes against the protocol of the United Nations (UN), which was signed by Brazil.

In addition, the document calls for the opening of a criminal investigation procedure with a view to investigating the conduct practiced and, in the end, proposes appropriate criminal action.

“As if the simple exposition was not enough – in itself already absolutely dissociated from the theme of the event -, there were also lectures and orientations to the children present, with instruction on military tactics, firearm handling and even procedures for disarming explosive devices, such as demonstrate the attached videos”, says another excerpt from the representation.

The State of Minas requested a position from the City of Uberaba regarding the initiation of investigations by the MP, but received no response.

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