New Android Malware Can Steal Personal Data and Record Audios

RatMilad, the new malware from android, is making waves in the Middle East. This most popular operating system spyware among smartphones is spying on users to steal personal data and practice blows.

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The discovery of the new Android malware was made by a cybersecurity company called Zimperium. In a statement, she warned that spyware can be used for cyber espionage, extortion and to infiltrate Android users’ conversations.

The Zimperium report details the malware’s modus operandi, and highlights that the consequences linked to data theft can be dangerous. Access to corporate systems or blackmail may be among the attitudes adopted by hackers.

Be careful when downloading apps, it can prevent you from being spied on

Typically, malware reaches mobile devices by some action taken by the victim. In the case of RatMilad, the spyware reaches cell phones through the Num Rent application, which generates fake numbers to activate accounts on social networks. After installation, the application requests permissions to a series of user data, and this is how it adds spyware to the cell phone.

It is important to note that this application is not available on the Play Store, as it contains risky settings. In this way, users are usually able to download the app through channels on Telegram.

See what data RatMilad can have access to

Once installed on the device, the RatMilad spyware camouflages itself through a VPN connection, a virtual private network in order to hide where the user is connecting from, and has access to the following data from your cell phone:

  • Basic device information (model, brand, buildID, Android version);
  • Device MAC address;
  • Contact list;
  • SMS;
  • Call log;
  • Account names and permissions;
  • List of installed apps and permissions;
  • Clipboard data;
  • GPS location data;
  • SIM information (number, country, IMEI, state);
  • List of files;
  • File contents;
  • Stealing or deleting files, modifying the permissions of apps and even using the phone’s microphone to record audios are some of the malicious practices of spyware.

The application runs silently, so the victim does not raise any suspicions. To protect yourself, only download apps from the Play Store and review the permissions requested when installing an app.

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