“Not these guys”; Facincani shoots Abel’s favorite duo and takes chances for Endrick and +2 at Palmeiras

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Alviverde Paulista leads Serie A of the Brazilian Championship with 67 points conquered

Photo: Reproduction / ESPN Brasil - Facincani detonates Palmeiras' double
Photo: Reproduction / ESPN Brasil – Facincani detonates Palmeiras’ double

O palm trees returns to the field next Sunday afternoon (16), at 4 pm, at home, against São Paulo, for the 32nd round of Serie A. verdão leads the tournament with 67 points. Despite the good moment and the title on the way, journalist Felipe Facincani detonated a duo that has morals with Abel.

“Two players who have chances after chances, but since July they haven’t appeared in any decisive statistic for a Palmeiras striker. (…) These are very poor numbers for players who continue to be valued by coach Abel Ferreira. (…) Abel, Rafael Navarro and Wesley arrive at Palmeiras”fired Facincani.

“Wesley even seems to have his head elsewhere, with clubs interested in him for 2023. There is no better time than this to sell the player. It started out great, I was a fan of Wesley, but after he got hurt it didn’t happen anymore. Today he is a slow player, predictable, with blunders of fundamentals, who does not finish and does not participate in goals ”continued the journalist.

“What market does Navarro have? He’s a player who doesn’t fight, doesn’t fight, is tactically weak… a player who technically has a lot of difficulty. An athlete that doesn’t happen on the field. Enough, Abel! It follows up on the guys who came from Argentina (Merentiel and Flaco López)”charged Facincani.

“I’ll talk about Endrick, 16 years old, the crowd is crazy to see the guy play. ‘Oh, but he’s a boy’, but he’s a good person. Head in place, good structure and inside Palmeiras feeling increasingly comfortable. It is logical that he missed a goal because he was in a hurry, he is 16 years old. (…) Rafael Navarro is unthinkable with the Palmeiras shirt, he’s had all the time in the world and it doesn’t happen, he has others who deserve more, including Endrick. He doesn’t feel pressure, he’s a good player and ace. The fans are patient with Endrick, but not with these guys.”he concluded.

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