Nubank launches function to protect account against theft

Modo Rua is an unprecedented tool by Nubank that offers an extra layer of protection for digital bank customers. Thus, it is worth noting that this is a product that is still being tested and allows customers to set a limit for transactions via Pix, transfers and payment of slips every time they leave home.

Therefore, this function will be like activating the “airplane mode”, with the same practicality. That is, just a few clicks on the app and customers will be able to set a spending limit for when they are away from home.

Street Mode

First, with this novelty, the digital bank advances in the care of its digital security, as it uses technology to protect and facilitate the lives of all customers. In this way, the tool adds to Nubank’s other mechanisms, such as the scam warning, predictive risk analysis, multifactor authentication and artificial intelligence models.

In addition, fintech also innovates with biometric data, including facial biometrics with proof of life in real time, which few institutions offer.

“Innovation is in Nubank’s DNA. Our challenge is to provide customers with peace of mind, avoiding and solving their pain, always staying one step ahead. In light of today’s public safety issues, prevention is more important than ever. Rua Mode is an innovative, intuitive and simple feature, and another layer of protection in the very robust system we already have”, says Nubank co-founder and CEO, Cristina Junqueira.

How to activate this tool?

To activate Nubank’s Street Mode, just set a spending limit away from home and a secure wi-fi network. Once this is done, Street Mode will act as an extra layer of protection for the app. Thus, whenever customers are outside this secure network, the application will block transactions that exceed the established limit.

Therefore, everything is done safely and automatically, that is, you only need to configure your cell phone once so that the tool always works. Furthermore, it is not necessary to activate and deactivate the option after returning home.

What to do when you need to perform a higher transfer?

In this situation, it is necessary to perform a facial recognition within the Nubank app. Thus, this procedure works as a “proof of life”, capable of identifying whether the person requesting the transfer is in fact the account holder.

Is Street Mode available now?

It is worth noting that, so far, Modo Rua is a testing tool, that is, only a small part of the customer base has access to the option. That way, as soon as the functionality is available, the app will notify customers.

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