On the basis of struggle and overcoming, Santos FC thrashes Ibrachina 4-0 with one less and advances to the semifinals of Paulista under-20

Showing great power of reaction and overcoming, Meninos da Vila thrashed the Ibrachina team 4-0 at CT Rei Pelé, on the afternoon of this Wednesday (12), in a match valid for the return game of the quarterfinals of the Paulista Championship. under-20.

With one player less since the 21st minute of the first half, Santos FC scored three goals in just six minutes, at 43, 46 and 47, still in the first half. At the return of the break, Peixe continued to seek the goal of the classification, and in the 40th minute, Victor Michell scored Alvinegro’s fourth goal. As in the first game the Ibrachina team had won by 4 to 1, with 4 to 0 in today’s game, in the sum of the results Santos FC reached the spot for the semifinals with the aggregate score of 5 to 4.

The Santos team will now face Portuguesa de Desportos in the semifinals, which eliminated Palmeiras on the other side of the bracket.

The game

Needing the result, Peixe pressured the opponent from the beginning, and at 11 and 12 minutes, he built his first two dangerous moves. After playing on the right, Ivonei received from outside the area and hit with danger, but the ball went over the goal. Next, Miguelito escapes the mark on the right and crosses aiming for Ivonei. The ball hits shirt 10 and goes out to the right, very close to the post.

At 18 minutes, another dangerous move. Ivonei comes from the left side and crosses towards Hyan. He completes the goal, and before the ball passes the line, the defender moves away and avoids the first Santos goal.

Three minutes later, defender Derick received a red card, and the Santos team started to play with one less athlete, however, he did not fail to seek the goal.

At 43 minutes, the score began to live up to the game. On the left side of the attack, Kevyson escapes the mark and crosses on the caprice of Enzo Monteiro’s head. He makes the perfect headbutt move and swings the opponent’s net.

At the ball exit, Santos FC took the ball back, and when setting up the counterattack, Migueito was brought down inside the area, and the referee awarded a penalty. Ivonei went for the kick and scored the second for Peixe.

When the clock showed 49 minutes, Miguelito crosses from the right side, and the ball capriciously hits the mark and enters the goal.

In just six minutes, Peixe scored three goals and managed to equal the difference in the score created by Ibrachina in the first game.

Athletes celebrate the qualifying goal (Photo: Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo/Santos FC)

In the second half, at 18 minutes, Ivonei takes a free-kick from the left, Enzo Monteiro scores and the ball goes over the goal.

Ten minutes later, Miguelito takes a corner from the right side and almost scores a beautiful Olympic goal.

At 35 minutes, in a quick counterattack, Cadu lifts the ball in the area and Ivonei risks a volley and the ball barely enters.

And in the 40th minute, Santos FC, with so much fighting, so much insisting, with one less athlete, reached the goal of the great victory and classification. Defender Jair advanced to midfield and made a beautiful throw to Victor Michell. The striker killed the ball in the knee, escaped the marking, invaded the area and hit hard to fill the net and score the fourth goal for Peixe.



Place: CT Rei Pele, in Santos (SP)
Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Time: 2 pm
Referee: Guilherme Nunes de Santana
assistants: Italo Magno de Paula Andrade and Ricardo Luiz Buzzi
Red card: Derick (SFC)
goals: Enzo Monteiro at 43min, Ivonei (p) at 44min and Carlos (against) at 47min of the first half; (SFC); Vitor Michell at 40min of the second half.
Santos FC: Edu Araujo; Cadu, Derick, Jair and Kevyson; Hyan (Rafael Moreira), Balão and Ivonei; Miguelito (Pedrinho), Fernandinho (Zabala) and Enzo Monteiro (Victor Michell). Coach: Antonio Carlos “Buião”
Ibrachina: Kaue; Neres, Yago, Carlos (Vieira) and Flavinho; Leonardo (Mauro), Marquinhos (Filipinho) and Bolivia; Dudu, Jhonnathan and Jucelio. Coach: Alexandre Seichi

(Photo: Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo/Santos FC)

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