Online scams that look like little games increase

In the first half of 2022, there was an increase in cybercriminal activities aimed at the gamer universe. The number of victims affected by malware that collects sensitive data is large. They spread out camouflaged with well-known game titles and that’s where people fall for the online scams.

Notícias Concursos, trying to alert to the danger of online scams, will show in this Tuesday’s article (11) how they happen. By downloading free games, people ended up being victims of crimes they could not even imagine.

The targets of online scams are victims’ confidential data

Most of the scammers’ intentions is to steal data that is confidential from infected devices. For example:

  • Trojan-PSW collects victims’ credentials;
  • Trojan-Banker steals payment data;
  • Trojan-GameThief collects login information from game accounts.

RedLine malware gained prominence

Scammers try to spread threats that are disguised as games that have a large captive audience, as well as that have just been released and are constantly under the gaze of gamers, such as:

  • Roblox;
  • FIFA;
  • Minecraft;
  • Elden Ring;
  • Halo;
  • Resident Evil.

RedLine is nothing more than a malicious program that extracts sensitive data from victims’ devices such as password, bank card details, cryptocurrency wallet and VPN. Commonly, malware is sold for a low price on hacker forums, with great popularity.

Online scams that look like games have increased considerably in recent times
Online scams that look like games have increased considerably in recent times – Canva

Phishing is also popular

Apart from malicious files, scammers create and spread new pages for phishing games. This means that fake websites or links are created in order to steal money and information from victims.

Good news is that a new phishing scheme has been discovered that attacks players: the sites mimic the entire interface of game stores, such as PUBG, Warface and CS:GO. In this sense, scammers offer items, such as ammo for games, for free.

In order to receive their supposed freebie, victims need to enter the login details of their social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook). After taking over the accounts, these criminals look for card details or ask for money from the player’s friends, taking advantage of trust.

Tips for staying calm

Want to play, but don’t want to be surprised by one of these criminals. Of course, downloading a pirated game is much better because it saves money, but it can give you a big headache. So, here’s how to enjoy the fun safely.

  • Only download from official stores such as Apple App Store, Steam, Google Play as well as Amazon Appstore. Games from the aforementioned marketplaces are not 100% safe, but store representatives verify them;
  • Beware of phishing and unknown players. Do not open any received links, only if you trust the sender a lot;
  • Do not download anything pirated or illegal content;
  • Use a security solution like Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. Thus, your protection will be effective against malicious software and its activities on mobile devices, ensuring that you will not be a victim of a online scam.

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