Palmeiras explains why ‘disappeared’ from Twitter and why is surprising

The account of the club alviverde went offline on Tuesday

O palm trees unraveled what was the cause of your account on twitter been down since Tuesday night. The club returned to posting this morning and explained that the measure taken was to give visibility to the search for missing children.

“If you were distressed by my disappearance in the twitter, imagine how parents feel when they cannot find their children. On this Children’s Day, we are together with the NGO Mães da Sé”, posted the club.

After Palmeiras’ account went offline, fans didn’t take long to question the fact, in addition to rivals taking advantage of the situation to make jokes.

The team joined the NGO Mães da Sé, which works in the public and private sectors in the search for missing people, mainly children and adolescents. President Leila Pereira went public to explain the campaign.

“If you, a Palmeiras fan, missed our Twitter account, imagine the agony and pain of a mother who cannot find her child. I invite the entire Palmeiras Family to get to know the work developed by the organization, which brings affection and hope to thousands of families that have missing people”, concluded the leader.

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