Russia intensifies use of ‘kamikaze drones’ to attack Kiev

Russia has expanded use of Shahed-136 and Mohajer-6 drones, known as 'kamikazes'

Russia has expanded use of Shahed-136 and Mohajer-6 drones, known as ‘kamikazes’

photo: Reuters

Russian forces used so-called ‘kamikaze drones’ to hit regions near Ukraine’s capital Kiev in an attack recorded on Thursday, 13, local news reports, citing information from the Ukrainian government.

Used as a weapon, the unmanned aerial vehicle disintegrates when launched at a target.

According to Ukrainian officials, the drones hit infrastructure facilities in Makariv, a province located about 50 kilometers from the heart of Kiev. There is still no information about victims as a result of these attacks.

In recent weeks, the Russia has expanded use of Shahed-136 and Mohajer-6 drones, known as ‘kamikazes’. The manufacture of this unmanned aerial vehicle is of Iranian origin. Although the country denies supplying the drones, the Washington Post reported the first delivery of the armaments in August.

Ukraine’s government said it had already shot down dozens of such drones, including in zaporizhzhiawhere Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is located.

At the moment when Russia summons more soldiers after casualties during the conflictdrones can be important allies because they are unmanned and remotely controlled.

With pounds of explosives, they fly over the target area for minutes, or even hours, until the conductor, who is on the ground, sets the target for attack. Some models have sensors to detect, classify and hit the enemy object in a fully autonomous way – as if it were a missile and drone combination.

Drones of the Shahed-136 type were identified in an attack in Dnipro and Odessa, important industrial centers.

Ukraine also signed a contract to enable a similar system, known as the Switchblade 600, of North American origin. The Model 600 has an anti-armor warhead and can pursue a target for more than 40 minutes, according to the company that makes the drones.

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