‘She-Hulk’ | Last episode kicks the bucket with easter eggs and the best fourth wall break in the MCU


If you haven’t watched the latest episode of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroesavoid this article as it contains spoilers

The last episode of the series She-Hulk is one of the best things that Marvel did in recent years. Playing with metalanguage and the artifice of breaking the fourth wall, the creative team managed to end the protagonist’s arc in a very creative and satisfying way, leaving Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) ready to sprout randomly in one of the next productions of the MCU. But if there was something as great as this episode, it was the absurd amount of easter eggs and references he brought.

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The opening scene already makes a reference to the TV series Hulk of the 70s. In addition to making fun of the catchphrases and the characteristic style of the production starring Lou Ferrigno, like Jen looking at the screen and saying the classic: “you won’t like it when I get angry”, this parody ends up exploring the metalanguage of the situation, as She-Hulk appears in the comics by sheer and spontaneous pressure from the executives, who feared that, given the success of the Hulk series, competition would create a “She-Hulk” to exploit popularity. So, to secure the rights to the name, Stan Lee took on the mission to create the “Wild She-Hulk”.

The episode continues and brings some references to mutants. While trying to work out a way to process the nerds behind the Intelligence, Jen ends up being arrested and ordered to use the power inhibitor to be able to leave the cell. The interesting thing is that this inhibitor story is practically a prototype for the mutant control tools that Marvel should introduce in the future with the X-Men. Back at her parents’ home, Jen assembles a board to investigate the clues she’s gathered about the outcast organization. And one of the symbols that appear in this picture is that of the chuck, a mutant whose special ability is to control pheromones, and as you can imagine, he doesn’t use his powers for good. Supposedly acting like an “alpha male”, he has no respect for women and teenagers, always trying to control their minds to do his bidding. It has to be agreed that it quite matches the wishes of the members of this community.

Feeling lonely, Jen goes to the retreat Abominable (Tim Roth), where Intelligence is holding a convention to speak ill of She-Hulk and other MCU women such as lady thor (Natalie Portman), which probably places this series before the end of Thor: Love & Thunder (2022). Jen’s friends discover this and Pug, being a man, ends up infiltrating the event, where he ends up acting like an asshole and ends up being taken in by the members. It is in this sequence that the series reveals that the person responsible for the organization was that stuck-up playboy who tried to date Jen twice in the series and couldn’t because he had a more boring conversation than the movie.The incredible Hulk. Then She-Hulk arrives at the shed and the Intelligence leader reveals that she took her blood to get “deserved powers”. Functioning as a kind of “Super Soldier Serum”, Jen’s blood turns him into a half-potato Hulk of ideas. To make matters worse, the titania (Jameela Jamil) it’s the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) appear out of nowhere, completely distracting the protagonist, who protests and uses her best superpower: breaking the fourth wall.

And that’s one of the most fantastic things about the entire MCU. She assumes again that she is in a series and simply “breaks” the home of the show. Disney+, looking for a way to solve the problem directly at the source. Jen fetched the assembled, which is a behind-the-scenes series of Marvel productions, and it was to get satisfaction out of that generic ending with the directors and writers. This moment is very reminiscent of the end of Deadpool Slaughter the Marvel Universein which, after killing the main heroes of that timeline, the chatty mercenary crosses the pages of the comic and goes after the comics who were writing their stories.

The creative team says they agree with Jen’s claims about where the ending will go, but there’s nothing they can do about it, because Kevin decides these things, implying that he’s the CEO of marvel studios, Kevin Feige.

And then, subverting expectations, Jen breaks half a dozen security guards in the punch and gets to Kevin (played by Kevin Feige), who is a robot in the best style. HAL 9000. But what caught me the most here was the ultimate joke with the Marvel boss. Nicknamed “Zé Cap” by fans, Kevin Feige has the most amazing cap collection in the world, as he never leaves home without one. So, the series went there and found a way to put a big cap on the robot’s “head”. Too good.

He explains that he understands the entertainment algorithm like no one else, making products perfectly molded to please fans, a not-so-subtle reference to the Marvel Formula. Jen takes advantage and says that some people criticize this, because it leaves all the movies the same – which almost gives the robot a blue screen.

And before starting to make her demands, Jen receives a wonderful message: “go to your human form, it’s too expensive to have you as She-Hulk”. This joke about the series’ CGI, which has been the target of constant criticism, was ridiculously well done. Anyway, like Jennifer Walters, the protagonist starts to go down the woods on the generic script of the final episode and how rushed and bad it was, as it punched a lot of characters, created a new Super Soldier Serum AGAIN and took the focus off the development of your life. And tired of being humiliated so much, she makes her demands on how to solve this episode and get some refreshments in life. With her demands pretty much all met, she questions Kevin as to why MCU characters have so many father issues and practically don’t have sex. And most importantly, she asked when we would see the X-Men. After so many references to mutants in this series, ending up with the protagonist asking this question to the boss was sensational. Of course Kevin deviates from the subject and sends her back home.

With her problems solved at the stroke of a pen, Jen returns, sends the Intelligence leader to jail and, in front of the cameras, doesn’t attack the little guy, but notifies him that he will be prosecuted. This sends a message of self-control to the press. And then, literally falling from the sky, the demolisher (Charlie Cox) appears to participate in the beating. But he arrives late, giving Jen some free time with her favorite visually impaired person. So she introduces him to her family during lunch, when…

Bruce Banner appears from space with a surprise: the Hulk made a puppet during his time on Sakaar. And proving that baldness is a universal problem, the young skaar appears, likely securing one more member for a future film or series. young avengers. The episode ends and the post-credits scene shows the Abomination again in prison, until the Sorcerer Supreme, Wong (Benedict Wong), shows up to pick you up for another mission, with a good chance of securing the biggest supporting cast in history: The Thunderbolts.

It was a pleasant surprise, perfectly ending the series and guaranteeing another truckload of productions for the future of the MCU. This last episode achieved what many productions couldn’t, which was to make fun of the target audience and still come out on top. We are now looking forward to the next appearance of Jen Walters and her friends.

She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes is available on Disney+.

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