Sniper games: see the 5 best for mobile

If you are passionate about shooting games, especially those that require you to be a cold-blooded and calculating sniper, get ready to live insane missions. We have prepared a list of the 5 best mobile sniper games for all gamer levels and preferences. Check out!


1) Sniper 3D: Shooting games

Sniper 3D is a shooting game available for mobile
Conquer missions to earn points, level up and improve your weapon. Image: Google Play / Disclosure

Sniper 3D: Shooting Games (Android and iOS) is a first-person game (FPS) by Fun Games For Free studio in which you accept missions to become the best sniper. The stories behind the missions are very creative, but the graphics leave a little to be desired in terms of realism.

If you’ve never shot, this is an excellent game to start with. That’s because you’ll start with a tutorial to learn the commands and get familiar with the gameplay. Also, the first targets are stationary or in little movement.

You can play solo (online or offline) or multiplayer matches. In solo matches, you will choose between the missions available on a map. For each of them, you will earn coins and experience points. Coins are essential to buy weapons and improve your equipment. Experience points are useful for leveling up. By the way, every time you level up, you get diamonds and an energy recharge to keep playing.

2) Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury is one of the mobile sniper games
Sniper Fury is a game that stands out for its sound effects, graphics and gameplay. Image: Google Play / Disclosure

Sniper Fury (Android and iOS) is a game by the Gameloft studio. Although it has the same proposal and logic as the previous one, this game manages to be even more complete. It positively draws attention to the sound effects, graphics and gameplay. Because of this, it is also heavier and requires about 2.8 GB of storage on the phone.

From the very first moment, you will receive instructions on where to click to aim, shoot, use equipment and anything else an elite sniper needs to kill enemies. You will also have to take care to have energy in your stock and upgrade your weapon.

Start out as a solo player, dedicating yourself to missions in a story. Then, as you advance to region 6, you will be able to unlock the Arena.

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3) Sniper Champions: 3D Shooting

Sniper Champions is a target shooting game by Gameloft
Sniper Champions: Shooting in 3D entertains those who like target shooting and give up shooting people. Image: Google Play / Disclosure

Sniper Champions: Shooting 3D (Android) is a sniper shooting game. In this game, created by the Gameloft studio, you will be placed in front of the target and must aim to hit it. The closer to the center you shoot, the more points you get.

Matches are 1 on 1 and are played in different arenas. However, to play them you need to bet coins and have trophies. At the end of each round, you can earn coins, trophies, tokens and chests.

As you progress through the game, you unlock new levels, powers as well as tournaments and events. But beware: new challenges require you to upgrade your weapons.

In addition, you earn bonuses when you spin the wheel, open chests, perform the day’s tasks or see advertising. Generally, to gain any of the benefits you will have to watch a video.

Like other games, the free version limits access to some features and pretty much everything that is fun you will need to use in-game coins and tokens, which are acquired faster by buying combos in the shop.

4) Sniper Strike FPS 3D Shooting

best sniper games
In addition to missions, you will be able to compete against other players and even multiplayer. Image: Google Play / Disclosure

Sniper Strike FPS 3D Shooting (Android and iOS) is a game created by Mobile Gaming Studios and Eight Pixels Square. You start with campaigns, which are missions to be completed in different zones. To play a mission, you need 1 energy point – but don’t worry, your energy supply will be replenished over time.

Each mission is made up of a primary objective and bonus objectives. When you complete the primary objective, you earn money and level up. Bonus objectives, as the name suggests, will give you extra items, such as tokens.

Don’t fall behind with equipment! Unlike previous games, you not only improve your weapon and bullets, but also your security items.

In the little shop, you will find to buy: special offers, supply chests, gold, money, powers and battle pass.

When you complete some missions, you will be able to play in the Arena. Once you unlock Zone 2, you can enter 1v1 matches and also compete in challenges. If you like to play multiplayer, you can join a clan or invite friends to your group.

Like other games on this list, Sniper Strike is free to play, but it offers items upon purchase or in exchange for watching an advertisement.

5) Sniper Honor: 3D shooting game

Sniper Honor: 3D shooting game
Sniper Honor: Shooting Game 3D is a simple game, with graphics, sounds and translation that leave something to be desired. Image: Google Play / Disclosure

Sniper Honor: 3D Shooter (Android and iOS) was developed by the studio 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games. Compared to the other games, this one has some particularities: the aim and shoot commands are on opposite sides of the previous ones and the Portuguese translation leaves something to be desired (in many moments, it’s even funny). Still, it can be a good hobby.

Like other theme games, you’ll have missions to complete that, when completed, unlock new chapters. As you advance through the levels, you’ll need to improve your arsenal. Therefore, you will have to upgrade or buy new weapons and items to help you.

Sniper Honor is also a freemium game. That is, you have free access, but you pay if you want additional features, such as removing ads.

I confess that the graphics and music are pretty bad. But on the other hand, the game runs smooth. So, if you have a low-powered cell phone, this is the most recommended game to venture into.

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