Sony visits Kojima and heats up rumors

Two of PlayStation’s top marketing executives, Eric Lempel and Craig Malanka visited Kojima Productions’ new offices this week. The fact served as fuel for fans to speculate even more about the Death Stranding sequel, as there are strong rumors about the game’s production.

Photos of Kojima and the executives were shared on the official developer profile. While the contents of the meeting are still a mystery, the netizens look excited with the possibility of being the new game of the franchise.

With Eric and Craig from SIE.

sam bridges in death stranding — Death Stranding 2 coming?
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Speculation about Death Stranding 2 began in May, when Norman Reedus, the actor responsible for Sam Bridges, claimed that production on the sequel was in its early stages. The event even generated a “pull of the ear” by Kojima at the time.

Recently, Kojima Productions also confirmed that actress Elle Fanning will be in the studio’s next game — although there are still mysteries about which game it is.

Death Stranding on PC Game Pass has no involvement from Sony

In August, Sony denied its involvement with the arrival of Death Stranding on PC Game Pass. It is worth remembering that the title was a temporary PlayStation 4 exclusive at the time of its launch in 2019. Learn more!

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