Tanned skin in autumn? Yes, with this Jennifer Aniston trick

We found the trick Jennifer Aniston to have a tanned skin all year round: self-tanner. But for the star, the lesson did not come without some sacrifice.

The actress shared a valuable lesson she learned about the product, after making a mistake when applying it during the recordings of the series “The Morning Show”. In a carousel of behind-the-scenes footage and videos, Aniston appears with her hands and feet in a sink, while a colleague tries to help her get rid of the orange hue left by the treatment.

“Note to self: apply cream to hands and feet before spray tan. Otherwise, it causes a situation”he wrote.

Step by step

Nuxe Luva Rêve de Thé Scrub; St. Tropez; Self Tanning Face and Clarins

Do you want to venture into the world of self-tanning products and avoid the same fate as the artist? Start by exfoliating the skin, so that it is uniform and with a smoother texture, without dead cells or irregularities. This is followed by the application of the body moisturizing cream, essential for an impeccable result, without blemishes or orange areas. Finally, comes the self-tanner (preferably moisturizer).

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