The Last Kingdom: Norse Leader Set to Appear to Challenge Aethelstan in Film

Despite not following all the details of the Saxon Chronicles“The Last Kingdom” was based on several important elements of the work of Bernard Cornwell. Because of this, it is possible to estimate what might happen in the film.”Seven Kings Must Die”.

The Last Kingdom cast
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The production will adapt the last three books through an independent story. In “War Lord”, Aethelstan is faced with a new threat that should also be present on the small screens.

After three years of peace, the Nordic leader anlaf goes into action. He joins Constantine and other leaders during the invasion of Cumbria. Together they challenge Aethelstan to battle at a location strategically chosen so the young king has no advantage.

Aethelstan is helped by Uhtred, who realizes that both sides can emerge victorious thanks to a clever battle plan. Following the warrior’s advice, the king manages to emerge victorious from the battle.

However, another antagonist will emerge that promises to become an even greater challenge for Aethelstan. It remains to be seen whether this story will be shown in the film, or if the producers will simply change various elements to make it even more mysterious.

“Seven Kings Must Die” still has no premiere date set.

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