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Nowadays, who wouldn’t want to make money online? Even more without having to make any kind of effort or investment? At first glance, this is the purpose of micro-task applications. These platforms primarily offer real payments to users who perform simple activities – such as answering surveys and watching videos.. In this way, the public wants to know: what are the best apps to make money watching videos?

If you want to make money watching videos on the internet, a strong tip is to prioritize well-known platforms, with a proven reputation and positive payment reports. In addition, it is worth being suspicious of alternatives that promise quick and expressive profits. With that in mind, here’s a list of the most popular apps to make money watching videos on the internet.

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Is it possible to earn money by watching videos on the internet?

First, we must remember that yes, it is possible to make money watching videos on the internet. However, the income generation process is far from as simple as some youtubers and digital influencers promise. Most of the time, users are rewarded for the time spent in the apps or for a certain amount of content consumed.

In other words, you need to watch a considerable amount of videos to earn money. The income generation process is slow, but it is worth it for those who have free time and want to earn money without making any effort or investing. As some apps in the area pay in dollars, Brazilians can also guarantee greater profits.

But be careful: never trust platforms that require “investment” from users. A famous website claims that Brazilians can earn money by watching videos on YouTube and other social networks.

To ensure this profit, it is necessary to subscribe to the paid version of the platform. That is: making deposits into the accounts of developers. This method primarily works like a pyramid scheme. Be careful!

With that in mind, check out the list of free apps that promise payments to watch videos below.

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Apps to make money watching videos – TikTok

TikTok is definitely the most popular video app on the internet. On the platform, users have several possibilities for generating income. To ensure more expressive profits, it is necessary to produce content for the app. But traditional users can also earn money by watching videos. For each content consumed, subscribers receive a specific amount of coins, which can eventually be exchanged for real withdrawals.

The minimum withdrawal amount on TikTok is currently R$1.50. The maximum is $5,000. It is also possible to profit from sharing the referral link.

To download TikTok, just go to


Also very famous among the Brazilian public, Kwai offers payments for users who access the app every day and watch the platform’s videos. With each video, subscribers earn Kwai Golds (the app’s coins). Therefore, just accumulate the minimum withdrawal amount to request payments. Currently, Kwai also has a referral promotion, in which users profit by inviting contacts to join the platform.

On Kwai, users can withdraw every day. The minimum amount is R$ 1.50. It is worth remembering that 100 Kwai Golds correspond to 1 cent.

To download Kwai, just access

make money

Make Money is a traditional micro-task app. Users earn money not only by watching videos but also by answering surveys, checking in daily and sharing the referral link. Available for download only on the Play Store, the app stands out for paying in dollars – which offers a good possibility of profit for Brazilian users.

The minimum withdrawal amount from Make Money is 5 dollars (about R$ 25). Transfers are made via PayPal.

To download Make Money, just go to


The SwagBucks app is one of the most popular income generating platforms on the internet. Even before the “boom” of micro-task applications, the site was already successful with people all over the world. On the platform, users earn money by watching videos, answering surveys, rating apps and completing various challenges. Like Make Money, SwagBucks stands out for paying in dollars.

SwagBucks has no minimum withdrawal amount. For every video watched, users receive about 3 cents on the dollar. Payments take place via PayPal.

To sign up for SwagBucks and earn money by watching videos, just go to


The COS.TV application is still a novelty in Brazil, but it is already very successful with the international audience. In the app, users are rewarded for watching videos on various topics. It is also possible to profit from performing other actions, such as liking, commenting and sharing the videos on the platform.. Finally, by accessing the app daily, users get a special bonus.

But beware: COS.TV pays in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, to withdraw the credits, it is necessary to open an account on the Binance virtual wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 dollars (about R$ 50).

To download COS.TV, just access the website

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Apps to make money watching videos: Tick Watch

The Tick Watch app was created to rival TikTok and Kwai. Only available on the Play Store, the platform has already been downloaded by about 1 million people. Primarily, users earn money by accessing the app daily and consuming the platform’s contents. THEAdditionally, subscribers have the ability to secure payments by producing content for the app and sharing the referral link.

As Tick Watch pays in dollars, transfers are made via PayPal. Therefore, it is essential to open an account on the payment platform.

To download the Tick Watch app and earn money by watching videos on your cell phone, just go to

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps or games. We are not affiliated with the app or developer, we recommend that you carefully research and read all information before downloading any app or registering on platforms or websites.

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