VAR sees deflection in the belly before Leo Pereira’s arm

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) released this afternoon (13) the audio of the VAR analysis in the most controversial bid in the final of the Copa do Brasil yesterday (12), between Corinthians and Flamengo. The Corinthians asked for a penalty from Léo Pereira for touching the ball, but the referee concluded that there was no infraction. The game ended in a goalless draw.

The move came in the 36th minute of the second half. After a cross by Mateus Vital from the left, Yuri Alberto lets the ball pass and it hits the opposing defender’s arm.

In the analysis made in the VAR booth, which was commanded by Rodrigo D’ Alonso Ferreira, there is an indication that the ball catches the red-black defender’s belly before touching the arm. He then recommends referee Braulio da Silva Machado to continue with the game.

“Take his belly and go to his arm, okay? Throw it to me, at normal speed, in that [câmera] same. […] Looks like it grabs his belly. I want to see another [câmera]this one is whipping, Miza”, asks one of the members of the cabin.

“I can’t see if it’s right in the arm. He’s fighting for the ball… And he has the deflection in his belly. Take it. Take the deflection…”, he says, before communicating the decision to the referee.

“Braulio, already checked. The ball deflects in his belly and goes to his arm. He’s in dispute action, okay? It hits his belly and goes to his arm. Go ahead”, says the video referee.

CBF gives the referee right

In the video in which it discloses the audio of the conversations, the CBF included an explanation that gives reason to the referees of the final. “When he receives in his arm this impact of the ball that slides in a previous moment in his body, the defending player [Léo Pereira] he has his arms in natural movement of the dispute action he is carrying out”, understands the CBF.

“Therefore, according to the text of the game rules, this impact on the arm, which surprised the defending player, and his arm in a natural position, is a normal game action, and should not be penalized by the referee”, concludes the entity. .

Corinthians was revolted by the bid

Shortly before the audio was released, Corinthians president Duílio Monteiro Alves again classified VAR’s performance in the final as “absurd”. He admits that the handball penalty is interpretive, but criticizes the video referee’s decision that the ball would have deflected into Léo Pereira’s belly.

“If the VAR tells the [árbitro de] field that the ball hits the belly and not the hand, this is absurd. You can’t help but see that the ball only hits the Flamengo athlete’s hand”, he argued at the time, minutes before the CBF published the audio on its website. In the conversation, VAR thinks that the ball does hit the defender’s hand. , but only after deflecting in the belly.

Yesterday, Corinthians left the Neo Química Arena angry with the lack of a penalty in this bid. Róger Guedes stated that Léo Pereira himself admitted that the ball hit his arm, but later the flamengo player gave another version. Coach Vítor Pereira pointed out “two clear errors” and said he was “intrigued” by the referee’s performance; and President Duílio himself questioned the effectiveness of VAR. “What’s the use?” he asked at the time.

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