What will Brazil be against Italy and two steps away from paradise?

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Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

After all, which Brazilian team will start the game against Italy?

So far José Roberto Guimarães has been very consistent. The best enter the court.

The coach doesn’t think twice when he needs to move, whether in the first or fifth set.

Status doesn’t count. There are other factors that are taken into account and there is no captive place.

Rosamaria, Nyeme, Roberta and Lorenne ended the dramatic quarter-final against Japan on court.

That doesn’t mean they will be kept.

Not all.

O blog found that the tendency is for Macris to be a starter. Roberta plays a key role when she comes from abroad.

Nyeme has chances to come out playing.

Rosamaria goes, even more so because Priscila Daroit was not 100% physically. She took a while to get into the attack, but she got the job done, in addition to getting to know Italy like few others in the group.

The biggest doubt is the opposite position, lack of Brazil in the World Cup.

Tainara won the contest during the competition. He scored 13 points last week against Italy in Rotterdam.

The good and promising Kisy is the third option.

The question that divides the commission is whether Lorenne will yield the same against Japan starting as a starter and then against Italy.

The player, until then, only entered to serve. On Wednesdays she served, attacked and surprisingly resolved.

And how would Tainara react at the bank? And the head?

But Japan and Italy are very different styles.

The shirt is heavier.

The rivalry has gained strength in recent games.

The result in Rotterdam, Brazil’s 3-2 victory, stirred up the Italians who do not hide their bitter taste.

The posture must be different.

What Italy, current runner-up in the world, will find right away, only José Roberto Guimarães can answer.

May he be enlightened.

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