WhatsApp launches discreet update that allows you to delete messages for 2 days

One of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world, WhatsApp has revolutionized the way people chat. Far from the days of SMS and when it was difficult to send images through multimedia messages. Now WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users every day.

In 2018, WhatsApp introduced the “delete message for everyone” feature. It allowed users to delete messages sent on their phones as well as recipients. Initially, the duration of this feature was 7 minutes. WhatsApp then increased the limit to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

Now, the app has extended the deadline even further. Now you can delete messages older than 2 days! You can delete messages that are up to 2 days and 12 hours old.

WhatsApp had already rolled out this feature to its Beta users for testing purposes. But now it looks like the company has also quietly released it for public users. While there hasn’t been an official WhatsApp announcement, the updated “delete message for everyone” feature is in full swing.

WhatsApp’s “How to Delete Messages” FAQ section even states that “You only have about an hour after you send a message to request deletion for everyone”. However, we have tried to delete messages that are almost 2 days old and this feature already seems to be working.

So, go ahead and try this feature for yourself! If it’s not working for you, we suggest updating your WhatsApp to the latest version. Sometimes newly released features are not instantly accessible to everyone. So, you might have to wait a while before you can try it out.

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