6 Movies With The Actor You May Have Watched But Don’t Remember

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Just speak on behalf of Henry Cavill to immediately remind us of two iconic characters from his career: the Super man it’s the Geralt of Riviain The Witcher. The actor doesn’t even need further introductions, and you must be more than used to seeing him in every corner of your life. Hollywood.

But can you remember Cavill’s other work besides his most famous roles? It was with this in mind that we put together this list. 6 movies with Henry Cavill that a lot of people forget the actor did!

Stardust: Mystery of the Star (2007)

where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play and Apple TV.

Inspired by the homonymous work by Neil Gaimanthe film Stardust: The Mystery of the Star is one of the forgotten films in Henry Cavill’s resume. In it, the actor plays the character Humphrey in a plot that follows the story of Tristan (Charlie Cox), a young man who embarks on a journey through the world of fairies to retrieve a lost star and win the heart of his beloved.

In addition to Cavill and Cox, stardust has names like Robert De NiroClaire DanesMichelle PfeifferSienna MillerMark Strong and narration of Ian McKellen. The direction is Matthew Vaughn.

Hellraiser: The World of Hell (2005)

where to watch: Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

Henry Cavill making a horror movie? We also have! The actor participated in the eighth feature in the franchise Hellraiserwhich follows five players of a game inspired by the films of the saga who, after being invited to a party, put their lives at risk to discover the truth behind the Cenobites it’s from pinhead.

In the plot, Cavill plays Mikeand the cast also has the actors Doug Bradley, Katheryn Winnick, Christopher Jacot, Anna Tolputt and Lance Henriksen. The direction is Rick Boot.

Relentless Escape (2012)

where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Globoplay, YouTube, Google Play and Apple TV.

In Relentless EscapeHenry Cavill plays Will Shaw, a man who lives exclusively for his work until his family is kidnapped. But to get them back, Will will have to go in search of a mysterious suitcase and confront some secrets from the past.

with direction of Mabrouk El Mechri, Relentless Escape also has the actors Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver and Joseph Mawle in the cast.

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

where to watch: The film is not available on streaming services. streaming Brazilians.

The film The Count of Monte Cristo follows an epic journey of revenge and is inspired by the writer’s classic namesake Alexandre Dumas. In the plot, the life of the honest and hardworking Edmond Dantes (Jim Caviezel) turns upside down when the envious Fernand (Guy Pearce), his best friend, orchestrates a plan to have Edmond wrongfully imprisoned. This is how Dantes, after spending 13 years in jail, returns with his own revenge on Fernand.

Directed by Kevin ReynoldsCavill plays the character Albert Mondego in the plot, which also features the actors Richard Harris and Helen McCrory in the cast.

Immortals (2011)

where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Google Play.

Before even giving life to a new version of Superman or even thinking about being Geralt of Rivia, Henry Cavill already lived the Greek hero theseus in the movie immortals. In the plot, we follow an epic battle between Theseus and the merciless king Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), who is in search of a powerful weapon to destroy the gods. chosen by Zeus (John Hurt/Luke Evans), Theseus is the only one capable of stopping Hyperion’s fury.

immortals is directed by Tarsem Singh and also the actors Stephen Dorff, Freida Pinto and Joseph Morgan in the cast.

Sand Castle (2017)

where to watch: Netflix.

The film sand castle It’s the latest on the list, but it may have gone unnoticed or even forgotten about if you’re into war stories. Directed by Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Coimbrathe film is set after the invasion of Iraqin 2003, and follows a platoon that is sent on a mission to repair a hostile village’s water supply.

In addition to Cavill, the cast has the actors Nicholas Hoult, Logan Marshall-Green, Glen Powell, Gonzalo Menendez and Tommy Flanagan.

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