A lot of discussion about refereeing and little about the game

Coach Vítor Pereira complained at the press conference of an unmarked penalty in favor of Corinthians in the 0-0 draw with Flamengo for the first game of the Copa do Brasil final, a complaint repeated by many fans. But for Mauro Cezar Pereira, more than talking about refereeing, it is necessary to understand why the team had such a poor performance at home.

At Live from Mauro Cezarat the UOL channelthe journalist says that there was no penalty and the discussion about the referee ends up taking the focus away from the problems that the team presented playing in its stadium, where it could have built an advantage to take to Maracanã.

“A lot of discussion about refereeing and little discussion about what the game was, the attitude of the teams, the attitude of Corinthians, the team playing at home, in front of their fans, attendance record at Neo Química Arena and it just didn’t exist, there was no almost the ball in the first half, will you play by an accident, by a mistake or by a ball after all the investments?”, he asks.

“The idea of ​​a penalty and an injustice of refereeing is created when Corinthians performed very poorly for those who played at home and needed to seek a result, a victory that would give them an advantage in Rio de Janeiro over Flamengo. Corinthians at no time worked for victory, it was a team capable of seeking the result. It could have won circumstantially, as it can win in Rio de Janeiro, especially if it has a performance more compatible with what is expected, but it was a very shy Corinthians”.

See what else was interesting in the opinion of the UOL columnist:

Mauro Cezar sees Corinthians with a strategy similar to the game with Boca

Mauro Cezar likes the way coach Vítor Pereira usually works, but criticizes the strategy adopted against Flamengo, considering that it was similar to that of the confrontation with Boca Juniors, when the team had important absences and little built playing at Neo Química Arena, before achieving classification on penalties in Argentina.

“I was very disappointed with Vitor Pereira’s strategy, who I think is a very good coach, but I can’t understand. It was like that against Boca in Libertadores, he didn’t win at home in the knockout stage, he didn’t attack Boca, he didn’t pressure , didn’t make the field command. He played for a ball and managed to qualify there in Buenos Aires with Benedetto missing a penalty. Will you repeat this strategy at Maracanã?”, he asks.

Mauro Cezar: Barcelona is the Corinthians of Spain

Barcelona got into trouble in the Champions League when they drew at home with Inter Milan and now they no longer depend only on their results to qualify for the knockout stage. Mauro Cezar says that the Catalan club’s problem goes beyond the field and points out a similar error to that of Corinthians in management.

“Barcelona is still a long way from being a consistent team, that’s why it’s so bad in the Champions League and I understand that there are several players who also arrived for this season. But they are running out of time, Barcelona are the Corinthians of Spain. . It spends more than it earns, a colossal debt, hires several players like there’s no tomorrow and then sees how it goes”.

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