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Adryelson is one of the few professional football players to come from the small town of Barão de Grajaú, in the interior of Maranhão, with less than 20,000 inhabitants. Proud of himself and the trajectory he has built so far, the 24-year-old defender was already a goalkeeper and even pivot in futsal as a boy. The secret to the seven straight games without committing fouls may be precisely in knowing how an attacker moves on the field.

Not that it’s something the defender tries to avoid, but it just happens. In addition to being a forward in indoor soccer as a boy, Adryelson also watches many videos of opponents to get a sense of what they do or don’t do. Another way that has also worked is to miss the pass at the time of the bobinho to have to stay in the center of the circle and mark the teammates. At least that’s what the companions joke about.

– It’s not avoiding being missed, because if I’m going to get my numbers on the field I play a lot of ball, I shoot a lot. I don’t avoid being fouled, it’s a consequence of games in which the referee doesn’t give a foul or another but I don’t avoid it. This comes from my day-to-day work. Sometimes the boys even joke that I prefer to miss a pass to go to the bobinho to score. Thank God I’ve been through these seven games without being missed and I hope to continue.

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Elected "Game Crack"Adryelson congratulates the group, celebrates Botafogo's trophy and victory

Elected “Craque do Jogo”, Adryelson congratulates the group, celebrates Botafogo’s trophy and victory

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Botafogo’s number 34 spoke with the ge report at Espaço Lonier after one of the preparatory training sessions for the game against Internacional. Root defender, Adryelson plays with his shirt inside his shorts and black boots for taste. According to him, it makes the opponent have more respect and helps to enter the field more confident.

Age still allows him to dream about his career. With Thiago Silva and Sergio Ramos as main references, he hopes to reach as high as the 58 centimeter jump (which makes him 2.4 meters tall) allows. In the ideal world, Adryelson in five years sees himself in the Brazilian team and playing in the Champions League.

Off the field, the defender also needs to set the time of the boat. Along with Tchê Tchê and other Botafogo teammates, he likes to play online and needs to have his sights up to date for shooting matches in the video game.

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Adryelson jumps a lot from the ground to head in a 1-0 victory over Goiás — Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

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For the game against Internacional, in the next round, Adryelson should not have Cuesta at his side as Botafogo does not intend to pay R$ 1 million to Inter, who lent the Argentine naturalized Brazilian. Despite not being able to count on the main defense partner in the 10 games he has, he guarantees that the rapport with all his teammates is great, mainly because of the dialogue they manage to have.

– The coexistence is very good among all, right? We have this very good element, we are creating a family, right? So our day to day is very important because it adds to the game. On a daily basis, we talk a lot. Not just me with Cuesta but with Kanu, Sampaio, Carli. This communication is very important. So that we can arrive at the game and play a game that is always well communicated with each other. And this is very important for us.

With Adryelson as the probable starter, Botafogo faces the vice-leader Internacional on Sunday, at 18:00 (Brasília time), at Nilton Santos, for the 32nd round of the Brazilian Championship. Bota is ninth, with 43 points and is two behind the eighth place, América-MG.

Other topics of conversation with Adryelson

– Our objective is one and we are working to make that happen. The dream is not so far from looking for a Pré-Libertadores or Libertadores. This is very important for us too and we will work hard to make that happen. And I hope to bring a lot of joy to Botafogo fans as well.

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Goals and victories: Tiquinho Soares wins Botafogo fans

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Few goals conceded in the second round

– I think it’s more part of the field communication with each other, one running after the other. This is very important so that we don’t concede too many goals. It goes from training to the game. We are evolving more and more in this part, working not to concede a goal and to do it too. We are putting the two together and the result is coming. So much so that we are winning and not conceding a goal at times. This is the result of a lot of work.

Childhood in Barão de Grajaú, countryside of Maranhão

– I’ve been playing football since I was little. There was a court in my neighborhood or I played in the middle of the street. Sometimes we gathered people from the neighborhood together, there was a space almost next to my house, each one took a hoe, weeded the land and made a sand field. We played until we got home all black and dirty with sand (laughs). We would wake up and as the court was kind of abandoned, everyone cleaned up early – six o’clock in the morning. He went home, ate, came back and stayed until six in the evening.

Feeling when looking at one’s own trajectory

– I feel very proud of myself. I’m very proud because it’s not easy to leave where I left off. A Barão de Grajaú player is not easy. I thank God very much for the opportunity he gave me to be representing my city and my family. This is very gratifying. It is very gratifying to arrive in the city and see the affection of the staff and the little kids who are inspired by me. Not only on me but also on other players who didn’t have as much opportunity as I did.

– I talk a lot with my wife about it, because it was a very quick proposal that came up, right? We were on vacation amid the turmoil over my contract ending in Recife. We were looking at an apartment, land, these things and out of nowhere Botafogo’s proposal appeared. We sat, talked with close friends and family. We prayed a lot about this decision that I had to make quickly. And it was a very good proposal. For me and for the club too. And I’m so grateful that they came after me.

– Thank you for the affection you are having with me. I believe this is the result of my day-to-day work and my game after game. I’ve been creating an identity here at the club. I am very grateful for their love. This gives me even more motivation to show my work.

– I’m very calm about it because I don’t want it to interfere with my day-to-day work, so I don’t let it get to my head. Thank you for their love. But it is to keep working and focused so that we can achieve our goals.

– There’s no rivalry there. People always talk a lot. We always play with each other. But that (vanity) cannot happen within a group that is as good as ours. That will never happen. This rapport that we have here off the field is very important, you know? So, every day, every training session, we are showing this and also taking it to the game.

Work with Luis Castro

– It’s been great working with him. I’m learning every day. Every training session and every game I’m learning new things from him too. It’s been very important for my career. This is the second time I work with a Portuguese coach. The workouts are really intense. He is always guiding us, always talking on the field, which is the most important thing. And we’re taking it to the field.

Expectations for Sunday’s game

– I hope we can be there with the crowd filling the stadium and have a great game. To look for these three points that are very important for us at this moment. I expect affection from all our fans in Sunday’s game.

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