After blasts, reconstruction begins on Crimea bridge, symbol of Russian occupation in Ukraine | Ukraine and Russia

The bridge is the only land link between Russian territory and Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014, and was inaugurated by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself in 2018. Last Saturday, a section of it was hit by a series of bombs. explosions that Moscow attributed to the Ukrainian government. Kiev did not comment.

  • SANDRA COHEN: How the Crimea Bridge Became the Most Valuable Emblem of Putin’s Occupation of Ukraine

The government set the date at the end of the state contract for the execution of the works, according to an order signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Explosions destroy part of the only bridge between Russia and Crimea

Explosions destroy part of the only bridge between Russia and Crimea

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) called the explosion a “terrorist attack” and said the attack was carried out by Ukrainian intelligence services.

According to the FSB, an agent in Kiev arranged for the explosives to be transported across several countries and contacted various intermediaries. The government of Ukraine has denied

In retaliation, Russia bombed several cities in Ukraine on Monday (10) and Tuesday (11). The main attack was on Kiev, which had been spared Russian bombing for months. Missiles also hit power infrastructure and caused electricity and water cuts across the country.

On Wednesday, the FSB announced the arrest of eight people – five Russians and three Ukrainian and Armenian nationals – suspected of participating in the attack.

Satellite image shows a line of trucks to access the Crimea bridge, after the section was destroyed by an explosion, on October 12, 2022. — Photo: Maxar Technologies/ AFP

The Crimean Bridge is also the main supply route for Russian troops fighting in Ukraine. As a result, a long line of trucks and cars has formed on the access to the bridge from Russia this week. Satellite images show the traffic jam (see photo above). After the explosions, the bridge was closed, but traffic on the site was partially restored.

Missile hits central Kiev as reporter went live

Missile hits central Kiev as reporter went live

Russia’s response to the Crimean bridge blasts was surprising as it took place in the Ukrainian capital, which, despite having suffered intense bombing at the start of the war, had been relatively calm since late April.

At the time, Russia abandoned an onslaught against Kiev because of strong Ukrainian resistance, fueled by receiving Western weapons.

After a small advance in peace talks between the two parties – whose dialogue has been interrupted for months – Moscow has agreed to withdraw from the Ukrainian capital and has started to focus its efforts on eastern Ukraine and strategic cities in the south.

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