Amazon has 150,000 temporary jobs across Brazil

THE amazon is one of the biggest technology companies on the planet. Recently, new job opportunities were announced by the brand, with functions to perform full-time, temporary and part-time.

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Amazon opens up temporary jobs in Brazil

THE amazon, one of the largest technology companies in the world, is promoting new job opportunities throughout Brazil. Positions are to fill full-time, temporary and part-time positions.

The announcement of the new hires happened recently. The company said it will hire 150,000 employees for the aforementioned functions.

Functions and remuneration

The world’s largest retail and technology chain said it was hiring new employees to fill key positions. Some functions include packing, sorting, ordering and sorting.

In some locations, those selected to fill the positions may receive compensation of up to $3,000.00. It is important to mention that, recently, the amazon increased the average hourly wage for employees.

Since the recent change in pay, employees can earn more than 19 wages per hour. The number is higher than the previous year (2018), when the figure was 18 hourly wages.

In short, this is one of the biggest advances in the network, which aims to constantly improve the work environment for employees.

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Do you want to participate in the selection process of one of the vacancies? So far, interested parties are waiting for the opening of vacancies for candidacy. Stay tuned for new information about the retail and tech giant, and take your chance. Visit the Amazon website to stay up to date with all the opportunities that will come your way.

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