are they easy? How much is it possible to earn?

Nowadays, countless Brazilians are looking for alternatives to supplement their income and earn money online. For this audience, micro-task apps have become a real phenomenon. After all, these apps offer small payments to users who perform simple activities – like watching videos and listening to music. So, what are the best apps to make money listening to music in 2022?

Typically, micro-task apps – be they videos, music, games or surveys – work as follows: users perform simple activities, accumulate points, and eventually exchange those points for cash payments and other types of rewards (such as gift cards from online stores). But be careful: many apps in the area hide virtual scams and pyramid schemes. With that, we explain below everything you need to know about apps to make money listening to music; check out.

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Is it possible to make money listening to music in apps? How to profit?

Many Brazilians will be happy to know that yes, it is possible to earn money by listening to music in apps. Several micro-task platforms include “listening to music” in their paid activity lists. Some apps, in fact, specialize only in paying for music consumption and radio access.

However, the income generation process is much more complex than some youtubers and digital influencers claim. Most of the time, users take a long time to secure expressive payments. It is worth remembering that the purpose of micro-task applications is not to “make users rich”, but only to supplement income with modest payments.

Even so, music apps are great alternatives for those who want to earn money in their spare time. After all, these apps mix the useful (income generation) with the pleasant (music and radio). So how much can you earn on each app?

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How much can you earn from music apps?

Payments for music apps vary depending on which alternative you choose. Therefore, it is not possible to define a specific value for earnings. In all options, users need to accumulate a “minimum withdrawal amount” to request payments. Typically, this amount is equivalent to around R$5 (for Brazilian apps) or US$2 (for international platforms).

Payment methods also vary by application. National platforms, most of the time, opt for payments via Pix or traditional bank transfers. International apps, on the other hand, usually pay via PayPal, Payoneer and Wise, in addition to vouchers from online stores.

Now that you’ve checked out how to make money on music apps, we’ve listed the most popular alternatives on the market below; Look.

Apps to make money listening to music – Givvy Radios

Givvy Radios is among the most influential apps to earn money listening to music on the internet. As the name implies, the app is a project by the company Givvy, an old acquaintance of Brazilians. The company, for those who don’t know, is responsible for some of the most popular micro-task apps on the Play Store, such as Givvy Offers and Givvy Videos.

To earn money on Givvy Radios, there’s no secret: users need to tune in to the app’s radio stations and enjoy countless musical styles. The app rewards subscribers for time spent on the platform. Therefore, an interesting tip is to leave the radios playing even when you are not using the app. Payments are made in dollars, via PayPal.

To download Givvy Radios, simply go to

See how to profit in the PlayList Push app

Spotify is currently the most popular music app in the world. Have you ever thought about making money with the platform? This is the premise of PlayList Push, an application (and website) that stands out for allowing the monetization of playlists. In other words: users can create playlists, advertise them on the internet, and earn money with each access.

But beware: not everyone can sign up for PlayList Push. Site payments are reserved for Spotify users with public playlists of at least 400 followers. If you meet this criteria, it is possible to earn from 1 to 6 dollars for each track played. Payments, once again, take place via PayPal.

Check out the complete PlayList Push regulation at

Meet the Music and Income Generation App Current

Unlike the other apps on the list, Current Music Offline is only available on the App Store. Therefore, the application only works on Apple cell phones, with the iOS operating system. On the platform, users can access over 100,000 radio stations, create personalized playlists and download music for offline listening.

The great differential of the platform, however, is the fact that it offers payments to users. For every minute spent in the app, subscribers receive a set amount of points, which eventually can be converted into dollar payments. Transfers are made via PayPal.

To download Current Music from the App Store, simply go to The app is recommended for people over 17 years old.

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Apps to make money listening to music – RadioEarn

Finally, the RadioEarn app adopts a working model very similar to that of Givvy Radios and Current. Therefore, users earn money for the time spent in the app. To make a profit, subscribers must access the app, choose a radio station, tune in to the app and start listening to music.

For every 15 minutes spent in the app, users earn points. Payments are made in dollars (via PayPal) or gift cards from online stores. As the app is only available in English, language skills are recommended for those who want to earn real money. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 dollar (equivalent to 125 points).

RadioEarn download is available on the app’s official website:

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps or games. We are not affiliated with the app or developer, we recommend that you carefully research and read all information before downloading any app or registering on platforms or websites.

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