Bleacher billionaire, owner of Cimed will not follow Leila and Nobre

João Adibe looks younger than his 50th birthday celebrated in February, in a palace in Porto, Portugal. The president of pharmaceutical Cimed, a partner of CBF, Palmeiras and Cruzeiro, started this year to become a businessman of great influence in national football.

Something that tends to grow when the group signs with two more teams, according to his plans, and increases the R$ 20 million he already puts in the category annually. “The more I sell, the greater the investment,” he said in an interview with UOL Esporte.

But unlike other billionaires, such as Paulo Nobre and Leila Pereira, the four “R” patrons of Atlético-MG, Celso Barros of Unimed and Fluminense, among others, Adibe says he doesn’t want a seat on the board or board of clubs. that sponsors. At the same time, he says, however, that he doesn’t want to be just another sponsor.

Adibe believes he can contribute more to football from the outside. Just like he did with the company he inherited from his father, which led to the top 3 in the industry with aggressive marketing and product development.

John is not new to the sport. In addition to having sponsored the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation and being the owner of Cimed Florianópolis, in the same modality, he was the owner of a team and pilot in the Stock Car.

An intense social life

In contrast to his position on the fringes of decision-making centers in the football clubs he sponsors and will sponsor, in off-field life, João does not like to hide. Her Instagram profile has 1.7 million followers. That added to the 205 thousand of his wife Cinthya Marques give the couple almost 2 million captive viewers.

It was to be expected that someone who was kidnapped in the year 2000 and spent 12 days in captivity would adopt a more low-key profile. But not. João Adibe is an influencer with an assorted and active feed. With photos that range from pages of the Bible to his prized collectible cars and planes.

From business lessons to photos in bathing suits on idyllic beaches, accompanied by his wife. From professional achievements like award photos and magazine covers, to family photos, both new and old. Finally, there is John’s life. And so, Palmeiras is also there, his club at heart.

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale by João Adibe

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A bleacher supporter

“I remember a lot when I went to football, when I was a child, with my fanatical father, at Parque Antártica, taken by my mother, by my grandfather”, he says. “My first game, I don’t remember who it was against, but it was my great-grandfather who took me,” he says.

When Cimed was announced as a partner of Palmeiras, a scene of João dancing in the stands of the Centenario stadium, in Montevideo, circulated through the networks, after Palmeiras won their third Libertadores, in November last year.

“I’m a fan of the stands. I like the stands, that cheering crowd, being in the crowd. I like that hot thing”, he says.

As someone who has followed Palmeiras for a long time, and was in two of the World Cup finals played by the club -1999, in Yokohama, and 2022, in Abu dhabi – he doesn’t hesitate when he has to choose his most remarkable moment as a palmeirense.

“Ah, it was that last final [de Libertadores] now, right? It was a different feeling, because at that moment, Palmeiras was not the favorite and the crowd was smaller. And suddenly, you win there on the field and win in the stands?”, he recalls.

“I thought he was going to lose”, revealed Adibe, when asked about what he felt when Deyverson disarmed Andreas Pereira and ran with the ball towards Flamengo’s goal.

The way of football is through marketing

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Lênin Franco, marketing director of Cruzeiro, Gabriel Lima, CEO of Cruzeiro, João and Karla Adibe, of the board of Cimed

Image: Disclosure

Although he did not complete formal education and only attended an accounting degree, João is a marketing enthusiast. And he believes that it is through him that Brazilian football will increase the necessary revenue movement to win over future generations.

As he did with his company, he believes he can help in this process. And that help can come, for example, in the development of marketing properties.

In Palmeiras and Cruzeiro, in addition to the name on the shirts of the women’s team and some other modalities, your company’s brand will sponsor the captain’s belts of the men’s team. A simple idea that hadn’t been done in clubs here until today.

“Who knew a Captain’s belt was going to be an asset? Who knew a stretcher cart was going to be an asset? Who knew a little bag was going to be an asset? Everyone stands there, focused on the shirt, and suddenly you see the team shirt and you don’t even know what you’re looking at, because there’s a lot of branding,” he said.

“I think we’re showing Brazil and the world that there are still aspects of Brazilian football that haven’t been explored. [meu] great purpose,” he added.

Another banner defended by João Adibe is the exploitation of digital media by clubs and players as a way to increase the value of brands and manage to co-opt younger generations, who are currently less interested in football than in other entertainment categories. And that’s something Adibe knows firsthand.

There are five, the heirs of João Adibe. But not everyone likes football. “You take my first children, and they didn’t become fans anymore, because football was very violent, a lot of fan fights. [nos anos 1990]”, says he, an educated palmeirense in the stands of the old Palestra Itália stadium.

“Why not use the players as stimulators, mainly because the fans love to see them as examples, you know? I think that’s where the great potential lies. Not only the guy’s image, but what he eats, what he drinks and what he does”, he teaches.

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