“Come back soon, ace”; Situation of Ganso in Fluminense falls like a “bomb” in the fans of São Paulo

The most recurring subject in São Paulo these days is the assembly of the squad for 2023. Even with the possibility of winning a spot in the pre-libertadores, the fans don’t seem to be very hopeful and want to end this year soon, which is totally understandable, since all the (huge) support of the crowd was not justified on the field.

What ends up complicating the situation of Tricolor even more is the complicated financial reality of the team, which ‘stops’ the arrival of reinforcements. São Paulo is studying some sales for the end of this year in order to regularize the moment, the money from Antony and Casemiro’s transactions will not arrive at the Club anytime soon.

With that, the fans see in Ganso, Fluminense midfielder, an opportunity for SPFC to make a good deal and correct a ‘mistake of the past’. This is because in a web interaction, about what the plans for the future should be, the name of Paulo Henrique, who has a good time in São Paulo, was constantly brought up.

Another thing that encourages the fan is that Ganso has a contract with Flu only until next year and has not yet been approached by the board to renew the bond, which may signal a departure from the midfielder, who has been playing a lot of ball in Rio de Janeiro. . Following this scenario, shirt 10 could sign a pre-contract with any team from the middle of next year.

This scenario would be ideal for São Paulo, since Ganso would solve a good part of the team’s creation problems, as he has already shown to be capable, and would arrive at no cost to the team. See some of the comments from fans on the web (SIC):

“You can come back today”
“Come back soon please”
“With the conductor and a wing, the Tetra comes”
“Come back soon crack”

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