Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo unite and ask Athletico-PR not to compete in the Copinha | football

The four big clubs in São Paulo came together in search of a boycott of Athletico-PR. Annoyed with the alleged enticement of young players by the people of Paraná, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo signed a letter in which they ask the Paulista Football Federation (FPF) that Hurricane not play in the Copinha in 2023.

The Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior is a traditional under-20 championship that is played in January and brings together clubs from all over Brazil.

Also counting on the support of teams from the interior, such as Bragantino, the big four from São Paulo even threaten not to play the competition if Athletico-PR participates.

The Paulista Federation wants to better understand the case and find out if there is evidence of enticement. In this sense, a meeting with club representatives should take place next week at the entity’s headquarters.

It is worth mentioning that the indication of the clubs participating in the Copinha is not made by the FPF, but by the federations of each state – in this case, Paranaense is the one who indicates whether Athletico will play in the tournament.

São Paulo Junior Football Cup Champion Cup — Photo: Anderson Rodrigues/Paulistão

Hurricane is aware of the movement and works behind the scenes to try to minimize this rejection. Recently, the club was also out of the Nike Cup, an annual under-15 tournament. To reduce the effects of this absence, the team traveled to Paraguay.

It is not new that the position of Athletico-PR in the base categories generates discomfort in other associations. In 2020, Botafogo accused Hurricane of enticing a 13-year-old athlete. Back in March of this year, Retrô cited “insidious attitudes” by people from Paraná in relation to young players.

Among youth managers, the understanding is that Athletico has attitudes that disrespect the code of ethics constituted by the Movement of Training Clubs of Brazilian Football, which was created in 2012. One of them would be to negotiate with family members of athletes under 14 years old. who are already in a club.

Another accusation is that the Hurricane seeks young people in other cities and states and offers them accommodation in houses and inns close to the club – the law only allows athletes over 14 years of age to be accommodated.

Athletico’s CT do Caju mini stadium — Photo: Juliano Valério Filardo/Athletico

Before the age of 14, players are registered with a Sport Initiation registration, which is renewed annually and counts towards the sum of the FIFA Solidarity Mechanism calculation.

From that age onwards, athletes can sign the training contract. Even so, this is a legally fragile bond. The professional contract – this one is difficult to break – is only allowed to people over 16 years old.

Top hats from clubs in different states created a group on a messaging application without the presence of a representative of the Hurricane. The space serves, among other things, for sharing complaints of grooming young players.

O ge tried to contact Leonardo Coelho, coordinator of Athletico, but got no response. The Paulista Football Federation declined to comment on the case.

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