ET The Extraterrestrial Returns to IMAX Theaters After 40 Years

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Christmas of 1982, was the time that launched in cinemas in Brazil, ET The Extraterrestrial. Since then, the film has become a phenomenon upon its debut and is still a reference today. In short, for those who lived and followed it at the time, he comments that it was not easy to get tickets to watch the film. This is said, because every session was packed, and sometimes people sat on the stairs of cinemas to watch the film.

The classic feature was directed by Steven Spielberg. And if you don’t know the movie, don’t worry. This is said, because the emotion and magic of the feature can be reviewed on the big screen. And if that wasn’t enough, to improve the experience even more, ET The Extraterrestrial will have an unprecedented exhibition in IMAX. Therefore, the story of the most beloved and famous extraterrestrial can be watched with excellent sound and image quality.

About ET The Extraterrestrial

In short, one of the highlights is the soundtrack, one of the most remarkable in cinema, composed by musician John Williams, ET: The Extraterrestrial represented an entire generation.

The screenplay was written by Spielberg and Melissa Mathison while filming Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. And the launch took place the following year.

Other interesting subjects

ET: The Extraterrestrial, has in its cast with Dee Wallace, Henry Thomas, Peter Coyote, Robert MacNaughton and Drew Barrymore.

Movie trailer and synopsis

The boy Elliott befriends a harmless little alien who is far away from his planet. He decides to keep the adorable creature a secret and at home after introducing her to the brothers.

Finally, the film will be shown at this year’s Rio Festival, between October 6th and 16th. Starting in November, IMAX screenings take place in selected movie theaters across the country. In streaming, it can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

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