Find out what the cut circle symbol on WhatsApp means

The most famous messenger in the world does not stop improving the forwarding of notifications to users. That way, in the trial period for those who have the beta version, when someone answers your status, a semi circle appears.

When the app remains closed or in the background, if the contact is not blocked, the same icon appears on the screen, generating doubts.

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solving the mystery

At the beginning of the month a symbol started to appear for some people who use the Android and iOS system. There is nothing wrong, as the purpose is to verify that the functionality is working correctly.

WhatsApp will in the future notify differently the status responses, those temporary posts that can be accessed by clicking on the tab located next to the chat.

The more criteria, the better.

in the opinion of Mark Zuckerberg it is important that the design is constantly changed, meeting the needs that arise.

Unlike an audio, file submission and text itself, the reaction to a publication, have less relevance. Sometimes you just open the platform to see an emoji, thinking it was something much more important, wasting a few seconds.

View urgent messages

After all, with the amount of data circulating on numerous social networks, it is impossible to follow almost everything quickly. Mechanisms that make it possible to identify what is most important are being demanded by the public.

Be aware that it is a reaction with emojistatus notification, or a message, prevents your attention from being diverted to something not so urgent.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore people who react to everything you share, on the contrary, you can respond.

However, there is the right moment, unless you use the number exclusively for corporate and project-related contact, requiring some attention. Consider the context and use the app wisely, taking advantage of its best features.

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