Google Highlights Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Security Features With 5 Years of Free VPN and Titan M2 Chip

The Pixel 7 Pro has already shown that it is good at selfies and now Google wants the Pixel 7 line to be considered one of the safest in the world through a campaign where the company says:

Pixel smartphones are designed from the ground up to protect you and your sensitive data. We’ve taken it a step further: they’re our most secure and privacy-friendly smartphones ever and according to recent surveys by a third-party company consumers perceive them as the most advanced of all in terms of security.

And the proposal does not stop at the software, as Google also mentions that the Titan M2 chip, which is present in the new cell phones, is also used in its data centers, as it has received the Common Criteria PP0084 certificate. To achieve this, Google put in 3 years of work to pass all tests.

Common Criteria PP0084 is the international gold standard for hardware security components also used for identity, SIM cards, and bank card security chips.

Another benefit for Pixel 7 and 7 Pro users will be the VPN integrated into the Privacy and Security Hub, which is only offered on Google One plans of 2 TB (R$ 34.99/month) or more, but which will be free for 5 years for those who purchase these cell phones.

Finally, Google also mentions that the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro also process various data locally, so information such as the audio collected to identify songs, create live subtitles and even detect snoring by monitoring sleep is not sent to any server, preserving user privacy.

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