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Vasco will face perhaps the biggest challenge of the 2022 season next Sunday. With four rounds to go in Serie B, the team travels to Recife to face an opponent who is in fifth place, just three points below Jorginho’s team. Not losing to Sport on Ilha do Retiro can make cariocas even closer to the access.

The week was full of work and silence at CT Moacyr Barbosa. The only press conference was that of Marlon Gomes last Thursday. The training sessions were closed due to the decision-making climate, but there is optimism among the athletes for a positive result in Recife. The high confidence is the result of the two consecutive victories that Vasco achieved in the competition and, mainly, by breaking the negative sequence of eight consecutive defeats away from home with the triumph over Operário two rounds ago.

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And Vasco has more reasons to arrive confident in Pernambuco. The team’s record as a visitor against Sport is positive, with 10 victories against Leão’s seven victories, in addition to 11 draws. In terms of goals scored, 48 were from Vasco and 37 from Sport.

Juninho Pernambucano scored a free-kick goal in Vasco’s victory over Sport in 2012 — Photo: Marcelo Sadio/Site do Vasco

The two clubs have already starred in an electrifying decision before: in 2008, Sport eliminated Vasco in the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil and became champion over Corinthians. On the occasion, Leão won at home by 2-0, and the Cariocas returned the score on the return, with Edmundo scoring a goal at the end and then wasting it in the penalty kick, which eliminated Vasco. They are considered the most outstanding games between the teams in the history of the confrontation.

But as the focus is on Vasco’s performance in Recife, the ge lists five notable victories of the Rio de Janeiro team over Sport on Ilha do Retiro. On the list is a triumph in which Juninho Pernambucano, revealed by Sport and Vasco’s idol, was the character of the game. Check out:

  • Sport 0x2 Vasco – Ilha do Retiro – Brasileirão 2012

One of the most talked about recent games between Sport and Vasco took place in 2012. Upon returning to Ilha do Retiro after 13 years, Juninho Pernambucano lived the expectation of receiving affection in the stadium where he saw his football born. But he was booed and cursed by most of Leão’s fans before and during the game. He scored a beautiful free-kick goal in the second half, when he sent a kiss to his family, who were at the stadium and were later harassed. The Ecuadorian Tenorio scored the other goal.

Vasco beat Sport 2-0 on Juninho's return to Ilha

Vasco beat Sport 2-0 on Juninho’s return to Ilha

  • Sport 2×3 Vasco – Ilha do Retiro – Brasileirão 1997

In the year of its third Brazilian championship, Vasco beat Sport 3-2 on Ilha do Retiro. The game was tense, with four penalty goals and three expulsions. Edmundo lost balance scoring two goals from the penalty, and Felipe, then left-back, scored the third goal. Dedé and Paulo Henrique scored for the home team, both from a penalty.

In 1997, Vasco beat Sport 3-2 for the Brazilian Championship

In 1997, Vasco beat Sport 3-2 for the Brazilian Championship

  • Sport 0x1 Vasco – Ilha do Retiro – Brasileirão 1989

The game was tied at 0 to 0 until the 42nd minute of the second half, when Tato took advantage of Vasco’s counterattack to score and give the victory to the Cariocas. The defeat cost Sport the spot in the second phase of the Brasileirão and the fall to the 1990 Series B. That year, Vasco won his second Brazilian title by beating São Paulo in the final.

In 1989, Vasco beat Sport 1-0 for the 9th round of the Brazilian Championship.

In 1989, Vasco beat Sport 1-0 for the 9th round of the Brazilian Championship.

  • Sport 2×5 Vasco – Ilha do Retiro – Brasileirão 1993

This was Vasco’s biggest rout against Sport as a visitor in official games. Leão opened the scoring with Luis Carlos Carioca, but the visiting team turned it to 4-1 with goals from França, Yan, Valdir Bigode and Junior. Bizu came to decrease for Pernambuco, however, Vasco killed the game with Pimentel and eliminated Sport do Brasileirão.

There is a record of another rout by Vasco in Recife, this one the biggest in the history of the confrontation. The team from Rio applied 9 to 2 in Sport in a friendly played in 1946. The visiting goals were scored by Lelé (6), Santo Cristo, Jair Rosa Pinto and Djalma. Siduca and Zé Pequeno wrote it down for Leão.

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In 1993, Vasco beat Sport 5-2 for the Brazilian Championship

In 1993, Vasco beat Sport 5-2 for the Brazilian Championship

  • Sport 2×3 Vasco – Ilha do Retiro – Brasileirão 1988

In a game valid for the last round of the first phase of the 1988 Brasileirão, Vasco beat Sport in Recife by 3-2, a victory that gave the Carioca team the best campaign of the first phase, alongside Fluminense and Internacional, with 27 points. Vasco was the leader of Group B.

In the second phase, the team from Rio also achieved the best campaign, with 27 points and leader of its group. On the other hand, Sport was leader of Group A, with 21 points. Both teams were eliminated in the quarterfinals: Vasco fell to Fluminense, and Leão to Bahia, who became champions.

In 1988, Vasco beat Sport 3-2 for the Brazilian Championship

In 1988, Vasco beat Sport 3-2 for the Brazilian Championship

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