Jojo knocks on the neighbor’s door who spoke ill of her and settles the accounts

Jojo todynho showed the clay he made to his followers (photo: TV Globo/Imprensa Globo)

Jojo todynho showed the clay he made to his followers (photo: TV Globo/Imprensa Globo)

news summary:

  • Jojo Todynho showed fans the settling of accounts he made with a neighbor

  • The woman spoke ill of the presenter on social media and was fatphobic

  • Presenter and famous, she said she didn’t hit the woman

Jojo Todynho she has already shown in several situations that she does not lie to those who speak ill of her, even if it is her husband. This Thursday (13), she shared with fans that she went to her grandmother’s neighbor’s door, in the neighborhood she grew up in Rio de Janeiro, to get satisfaction from a rude post.

The neighbor in question shared a photo of Jojo and a friend and wrote: “A person who is not shit being some shit. It doesn’t represent me as a woman, a man who submits to it for fame. He can deliver his carrion, because he’s already dead. I’m sorry. You can tell me what you want”, said the text that still disdained the presenter’s weight.

Jojo, then, said that she took advantage of a trip to Bangu, the neighborhood where her grandmother lives in the West Zone of Rio, to seek donations for the children’s day party that she will promote to get satisfaction. “I’m straight talk here: whoever wants respect, owes respect”, he began.

The artist continued: “She exposed me, I made a scandal for her to embarrass herself on the street. Because who doesn’t want to be ashamed, doesn’t shame anyone! Here’s how it is: I’ve never disrespected anyone in this neighborhood, no one is obliged to like me – not even a relative of mine – but taking the person’s photo and wanting to use the image to want to make fun, gain a follower…”

Todynho revealed that he didn’t hit his wife, but he had his aunt’s help. “I can’t lay a hand on her, but my aunt can. And my aunt will win a pix of R$ 1 thousand, because she didn’t need to hit, but she came to defend her niece, because I’m not left in this world “, he warned.

The presenter of Multishow showed fans a part of the discussion at the neighbor’s door. “With people of your ilk, I have to do that, make them ashamed! Put it on the internet. Put it there, because I’m going to put your video. Now she supports her jokes, because that’s how it is with me,” she said.

Jojo also raised awareness of the fatphobic content of the comment. “The fat is mine, it doesn’t offend and doesn’t disrespect anyone, I’m fat… I didn’t ask anyone’s opinion, no one is obliged to like me, but respect, yes”, he concluded.

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