Megan Fox praises “Girl from Hell” and says the plot could become a series

Megan Fox praises

Megan Fox returned to talk about the horror comedy Hell Girlreleased in 2009, in which she played the lead role in the film.

Despite the plot written by Diablo Cody having received negative reviews and having a poor performance at the box office in recent years, the feature, which was initially analyzed from a sexist and misogynist perspective, has won back audiences and has been described as a cult classic.

In an interview with The Washington Post (via Cine Pop), Fox recalled the film he starred in alongside Amanda Seyfried and declared:

‘Girl from Hell’ is iconic and I love this production. This movie is art, but when it came out, no one was saying that.

Megan Fox and Hell Girl

In the conversation, the actress also commented that she would be open to participating in a new project related to Hell Girl. She said:

I don’t think it’s a difficult movie to make a sequel to. I mean, they should turn it into a TV series. That would be cool.

Directed by Karyn Kusama, the feature tells the story of a young student named Jennifer who, after being possessed by a demon, decides to take revenge on the boys who never gave her a chance. As she spends much of the film satisfying her appetite with human flesh, her friend Needy tries to find out what’s going on and vows to put an end to the situation.

To follow the plot, the panic! at the disco, who was enjoying the height of the 2000s emo era, recorded the track “New Perspective”. The great song became a hit, even with a somewhat uncomfortable sexual connotation.

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