Research points to Wilson Lima with 16% of valid votes ahead of Eduardo Braga

MANAUS – The survey by Pontual Pesquisas on the second round for the government of Amazonas indicates Governor Wilson Lima (União Brasil) with 58% of valid votes, against 42% for Eduardo Braga (MDB). The study was released this Friday (14).

According to the institute, Wilson Lima got 54.9% of the valid votes in the capital and 61.1% in the countryside. Eduardo Braga, on the other hand, reached 45.1% of valid votes in the capital and 38.9% in the interior.


Electoral poll N° AM 03082/2022 took place between the 8th and 10th of October, with 1,996 people. The collections were carried out in Manaus, Itacoatiara, Manacapuru, Parintins, Coari, Tefé, Maués, Iranduba, Tabatinga and Manicoré.

The registration of the responsible statistician, Alice Assis, in CONRE is 9079 and the company registration in CONRE is 8250.

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The survey was carried out in person with a previously validated form, corresponding to a maximum margin of error of 2.2 percentage points more or less, considering the 95% confidence interval. The collections followed the sampling calculations determined for the municipalities and the capital.

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