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In the final stretch of Serie B, almost all matches have a decision face. The confrontation between Vasco and Sport, however, on Sunday, at 4 pm, on Ilha do Retiro, goes further. There’s a lot at stake for both teams. For the carioca club, it can mean directing the access or seeing the water reach the neck.

Although clubs like Sampaio Corrêa and Ituano are still in the fight, Sport is currently Vasco’s main competitor for access. A victory on Sunday would mean removing the Pernambuco team from the fray. In case of defeat, however, the Lion will reach Jorginho’s team in the table.

Jorginho, in training with Vasco this Thursday — Photo: Daniel Ramalho / Vasco

It will not be an easy mission. Sport is doing very well playing at home. It has 82% of success as home team and has won its last six games in Recife. Vasco, in turn, interrupted the game against Operário, in Ponta Grossa-PR, a sequence of eight defeats as a visitor.

Below we list the possible scenarios after Sunday’s game.

  • A victory on Ilha do Retiro will not guarantee access, but it will leave Vasco very close to him. With three rounds to go in Serie B, the team from Rio would open six points to Sport and Sampaio Corrêa and practically take the competitors out of contention.
  • The difference to the fifth place would depend on Ituano, who face Criciúma away from home. In the worst scenario, in case of victory for the São Paulo team, there would still be a comfortable distance of four points, with Vasco having two more victories.
  • In addition, in case of victory, Vasco would climb at least one position in the table, since Grêmio and Bahia, second and third places, respectively, face each other on Sunday, in Porto Alegre. If they tie, Vasco will jump to second if they get three points in Recife.
  • The victory on Ilha do Retiro would also open the possibility of Vasco guaranteeing access in the next round, against Criciúma, on the 22nd, in São Januário.
  • It’s not the best scenario, but it would be good for Vasco. The team would keep three points away from Sport and four from Sampaio Corrêa, with two home games ahead.
  • In the event of a tie, it would be good to hope for a stumble by Ituano against Criciúma, since the São Paulo team could reduce the difference to two points if they win at Heriberto Hülse.
  • It would, however, be in fourth place and would not reach Bahia or Grêmio, regardless of the result in Porto Alegre. In addition, it would be mathematically impossible to guarantee access in the next round against Criciúma.
  • Vasco will hardly leave the G-4 because of the difference of eight goals (11 to 3), at this moment. To take fourth place on Sunday, Sport would have to thrash 5-0. Even so, a simple defeat would leave Vasco in an uncomfortable situation.
  • The Pernambuco club would reach the same 55 points as Vasco, with the same number of victories (15). In favor, the team from Rio would only have the fact of playing two more games at home. Sport, after Sunday, will play just one more time at Ilha do Retiro.
  • A loss for Vasco on Sunday would also bring other teams such as Sampaio Corrêa and Ituano to the table.

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