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It seems like it took years, but it’s finally almost here; black adam is hitting theaters on October 21st. Dwayne Johnson plays the titular antihero alongside greats like Viola Davis, Pierce Brosnan and Noah Centineo. Whether this movie will live up to its years-long hype remains to be seen, but it’s sure to be a fun time regardless.

Several cast members have been busy since black adam was originally announced, and many of his other upcoming projects are approaching release. It’s interesting to see what these brilliant actors have next in their professional careers.

10/10 Neutral – Quintessa Swindell

In development, release date unknown

Quintessa Swindell as DCEU Cyclone

Quintessa Swindell plays Cyclone in black adam. Also known as Maxine Hunkell, the heroine has the power to create and manipulate wind patterns.

Swindell has been cast in the lead role in an upcoming thriller titled Neutral (by Deadline). They are ready to play the lead role that intends to climb and conquer a mountain that took the life of their father. Swindell is only credited with being in six things on IMDb, but most of his projects have received wide acclaim, especially his prominent role in Jewelryso it’s exciting to see what they have up their sleeves next.

9/10 Untitled Nike Project – Viola Davis

Unknown release date

Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad Control Room

Viola Davis played Amanda Waller in both Suicide squad movies and the Peacemaker Series. It looks like she could turn out to be the thin thread holding the DCEU together.

Davis will team up with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to bring to the screen the true story of Michael Jordan’s acquisition by sports brand Nike (by Variety). She will play Deloris Jordan, the mother of the famous basketball player. Viola Davis participated in several biopics and historical works such as Climb and the first lady. She will undoubtedly thrive in this upcoming film and the other biopics she has in production. According to IMDb, she will also play Harriet Tubman and Shirley Chrisholm in the near future.

8/10 Marmalade – Aldis Hodge

Unknown release date

Hawkman and Doctor Doom Negotiate in Black Adam

Aldis Hodge plays Carter Hall (Hawkman) in black adam. In the comics, Carter is an archeologist and the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince.

Hodge will be starring alongside Joe Keery of Weird stufffame in marmalade, a romantic drama film about an incarcerated man who tells his cellmate the story of a robbery he carried out with the love of his life (by Variety). He hopes to escape prison to be with her. Hodge has proven his talent many times over with projects like straight from Comptonand The invisible man. It will be exciting to see him take on this new project. There’s little doubt that a movie starring him and Keery won’t be a fun outing.

7/10 Red, White and Royal Blue – Sarah Shahi

Expected for 2023

Sarah Shahi as Adrianna Tomaz Isis in Black Adam

Sarah Shahi plays Adrianna Tomaz in black adam. She holds the power of Isis, the Egyptian goddess. She is the wife of Black Adam in the comics.

Shahi will have a role Red, white and royal bluethe long-awaited film adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s book (by Hollywood Reporter). The romantic comedy follows the romance that begins between a prince and the son of an American president. Shahi’s role is unknown at this time, but she has experience working in romantic comedies such as bad therapy and I don’t know how she does it, then she will probably have no problem accepting this project. Fans are excited to see this movie, and they’re excited to find out who Shahi will bring to life from the book.

6/10 The Last Marine – Pierce Brosnan

Expected for 2023

Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Doom in Black Adam pic

Pierce Brosnan plays Kent Nelson, the original Doctor Doom from the comics. He fights chaos as a proclaimed agent of the Lords of Order.

Brosnan will star as Artie Crawford in The Last Marine (for today). Inspired by a true story, this film follows a WWII veteran as he flees his clinic to pay his respects on the 75th anniversary of D-Day. He is said to look drastically different from his natural physique as Artie Crawford, joining him. if Colin Farrell, who also looked unrecognizable in his appearance. the BatmanOccupation. Brosnan has only starred in a few biographical and historical films, but with his range of talent, expectations for his performance in this film are high.

5/10 Red – Dwayne Johnson

Expected for 2023

Dwayne Johnson in image from the movie Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson plays the title character in black adam. His character in the comics goes from villain to antihero with dark intentions.

Johnson must star Reda vacation movie being developed by Amazon Studios (by Deadline). Not much is known about the film, but Johnson shared in an Instagram post that it’s a mix between Miracle on 34th Street, Hobbs & Shaw, and a tip from It’s a wonderful life. Johnson has been in a number of high-grossing films, but he’s never been in a Christmas movie, so it will be interesting to see him take on the genre. And for those wondering, it’s been confirmed that he won’t be playing Old Saint Nick.

4/10 Outlaws – Pierce Brosnan

Expected for 2023

Pierce Brosnan in Black Adam

Brosnan has 97 credits to his name and eight upcoming projects listed on IMDb. The outlaw is another one of his future films to watch.

Brosnan will play Billy McDermott in this action-comedy film about a man who is convinced his future in-laws are part of an infamous gang (by Deadline). Brosnan plays the father-in-law alongside Nina Dobrev and Adam Devine. While he may be best known for playing James Bond, Brosnan has also dabbled in comedy, with Mrs. double fireand Mars Attacks! being some of his most prominent comedic films. Fans can’t wait to see him again, especially with Adam Devine as a rival character to his.

3/10 The Ballad of Birds and Snakes – Viola Davis

Scheduled for November 17, 2023

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad

In addition to her various biographical and historical films in progress, Viola Davis will play Dr. Volumnia Gaul in The Ballad of Birds and Snakesthe long-awaited prequel to Hunger Games history (by Entertainment Weekly).

Dr. Gaul is the Head Gamemaker villain of the 10th annual Hunger Games. The film will follow Coriolanus Snow as he is chosen to mentor a girl from District 12, with whom he quickly falls in love. Davis has been part of notable projects in the science fiction genre, including Solaris and Ender’s Game. She is truly a brilliant actress and is sure to do a wonderful job with Volumnia Gaul.

2/10 Fast Charlie – Pierce Brosnan

Scheduled for March 17, 2023

Doctor Doom in the movie Black Adam on the deck of a flying ship with a gray beard and sharp clothes looking intense.

Pierce Brosnan has been busy for the past few years as several movies are coming soon. Brosnan retains the genre he is known for in Charlie fast.

Brosnan plays Charlie Swift in Charlie fasta crime thriller based on a book by Victor Gischler about a man who seeks revenge on those who killed his boss (by Deadline). Sounds similar to John Wick, in which the title character becomes enraged after his dog is killed. Brosnan has been acting since 1980, with most of his credits belonging to the thriller genre. While it makes other genres work, it really excels in action movies, making it a must when it releases in 2023.

1/10 The Recruit – Noah Centineo

On December 16, 2022

Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher in the DC movie Black Adam

Noah Centineo plays Al Rothstein, aka Atom Smasher in black adam. In the comics, he inherited his ability to change his size from his uncle.

After a hiatus from working on TV series, Centineo returns to the small screen as Owen Hendricks in the recruit (per Weekly Entertainment). The new series follows a new CIA lawyer who finds himself embroiled in an espionage case when a former agency asset blackmails the CIA to obtain a pardon for his crimes. Centineo is probably best known for his various romantic comedy films. Now, he is expanding his career and it will be interesting to see how he does on different types of projects like this one.

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