VIDEO: Archaeologists find 8 mummies in park in Peru’s capital | World

A team of researchers discovered eight mummies, six adults and two children, at Parque das Lendas, in Lima, Peru. Experts believe the archaeological site to be a colonial-era cemetery, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (MML) said on Thursday (13).

According to Lucenida Carrion, a park official, the discovery comes shortly after another find: in August, researchers found three mummies at the site, one of which held a wooden cross. “This discovery corroborates our hypothesis that this could be a colonial period cemetery, at the time of the conversion. [da população indígena] to Christianity or Catholicism,” Carrion said.

The mummies were found in unusual positions and with a mixture of fabrics that pointed to the influence of Spanish settlers, explained field manager Manuel Morón. “All the adult individuals we identified have different arm positions, some have them on the chest, others on the hip, but these burial positions are not very common in the area, they already seem to be heavily influenced by the Spanish or the colony that arrived later” , said the expert.

The Spanish conquest of the Inca empire of Peru began in 1532 and lasted four decades.

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