War with NATO would be a global catastrophe, says Putin – 10/14/2022 – World

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that his country’s confrontation with NATO would trigger a “global catastrophe” and signaled a slowdown in the conduct of the Ukrainian War, denying the need for more massive attacks and suggesting again that can be satisfied with the territories it annexed from the neighbor.

Putin spoke at a press conference in Astana (Kazakhstan), where he is attending a conference of leaders of Eurasian countries. After he raised the nuclear rhetoric by suggesting that atomic weapons could be used to defend his conquests in Ukraine, he threw the ball back to the West.

The day before, EU diplomacy chief Josep Borrell had said that the Russian army would be “annihilated” if Putin used nuclear weapons. “I hope those who are saying this [um confronto com a Rússia] be smart enough not to take such steps,” he said, citing the risk of “global catastrophe” from an atomic strike.

Borrell said that the Western reaction would be with conventional weapons, but Russian doctrine is clear in saying that atomic devices will be used if there is an existential risk to the State or its allies, nuclear or not.

In an interview with the American TV network NBC, Belarus dictator Aleksandr Lukachenko said that Ukraine and the West should not put pressure on a country with nuclear weapons. “Don’t corner your opponent,” he said, who has just assembled a nebulous joint border force with the Russian ally.

Bit taken, it was Putin’s turn to blow, in his own way, of course. “We didn’t set ourselves the task of destroying Ukraine, of course not. There is no need for massive attacks,” he said, when asked about the continuation of missile and drone bombings of civilian infrastructure targets in his neighbour.

Such attacks occurred throughout the war, but were concentrated in a major action on Monday (10), in revenge for the attack on the bridge connecting Russia to the annexed Crimea in 2014. Putin reiterated that his bombing was retaliatory and preventive. “For now there are other missions because, I believe, only 7 out of 29 targets were missed. [na segunda] as planned, but we will gradually achieve them,” said the Russian.

In addition, the Russian president again suggested that the way to a negotiation passes through the recognition of the annexation of four regions that he does not fully control in the east and south of Ukraine, where he has even suffered military defeats recently.

He did so by saying that there is no reason to extend the mobilization of reservists and that it was necessary because “professional soldiers were not enough to maintain the lines”, that is, the borders that he wants to see drawn. In a UN vote, 140 countries condemned the annexation, 35 abstained and 5, including Russia, rejected the criticism.

More: he said that the mobilization will stop at 222,000 men, and not the 300,000 initially informed. Of these, 33,000 are already in military units and 16,000 in combat in Ukraine. Highly unpopular and with effects on his approval in research, the enlistment is expected to end in two weeks.

Regarding peace talks in themselves, the Russian said again that his country is open, but with international mediation, given that he does not see any interest on the Ukrainian side. And he ruled out talking to US President Joe Biden in Bali, where a G20 meeting will take place in November.

He criticized Germany for its support for Kiev, to the detriment of the energy partnership built up over the years with Moscow. “It needs to decide which is more important: fulfilling alliance obligations or its national interest. In this case, Germany has put its NATO obligations above all else, and I think this is a mistake,” he said.

Putin admitted that there is anxiety among the countries that, like Ukraine and Russia, made up the Soviet Union until 1991 — the host Kazakhstan among them. “Certainly our partners are interested, and also concerned about the future of relations between Russia and Ukraine. But this in no way affects the quality and depth of our relationship with them.”

Finally, he repeated that he did not regret the war. “No. I want to make this clear: what’s happening today is unpleasant, to put it mildly, but we’d have to do the same thing a little later, just under worse conditions for us, that’s all. So we’re doing it right.” said.

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