What is my cell phone model? See how to know

Just access your cell phone settings to know the device model

Just access your cell phone settings to know the device model

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Nothing is more common than forgetting what the model of cell that we use every day. Yes, the name was on the box we bought and it came with the device, and if you kept it, great. But if you threw it away, and now you have no idea, know that the settings on your phone have this and much more information.

Knowing your cell phone model name is important for several reasons: to buy compatible accessories such as cases and chargers; or inform service about technical repairs. But it’s very simple to find out. Follow the steps below depending on your phone’s operating system, iOS (apple) or android (Samsung, Motorola, Asus, Xiaomi and others).

Cell phones with Android system

  1. From the home screen, make a finger gesture tapping from the bottom to the middle to access the app drawer. Then, look for your phone’s settings icon (it usually appears as a gear);
  2. On this screen, select the information icon (represented by an “i” inside a circle) or “System”;
  3. After that, just access “About device”;
  4. Ready! You will see the cell phone model name, your phone number, the electronics technical name and the IMEI for each chip, in addition to the Android version you are using.

Some cell phones also have the model name on the case itself, on the back of the device or even on the battery or in the internal region, where we fit the battery. Sometimes manufacturers leave the model flagged when the phone is started, so another way can be to simply turn the device off and on and check if the model name is displayed when the system restarts.

Cell phones with IOS system

  1. Go to Settings on the main screen;
  2. Select “General”;
  3. Select “About”;
  4. You will see your phone’s name, software version, device model, model number, serial number, warranty expiration, memory capacity, and various other information, such as the carrier you use and your IMEI.

It is very simple to know which model of cell phone with it in hand. But if you have lost it, it is important that you have saved some invoice, the box or even a screenshot of the information that is in the device’s settings.

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