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With every release of a new iPhone, we always find the same joke on social media: “Hey, now I can buy the iPhone 8”.

In fact, when a new iPhone comes out, the price of previous generations goes down and becomes more affordable.

To make it easier for you, the iPhone Blog has collected some offers for those who want to renew their smartphone at a more affordable price.

previous generations

The iPhone is known for its quality and resistance. Therefore, even those who own a model from previous years, can still do practically everything that the latest models do.

Apple processors are the most advanced in the world of cell phones. And we are not the ones who say that, but the market experts.

O A13 Bionic has yet to be achieved by any other cell phone manufacturer, which makes many previous generation iPhones still as performative or more than more modern models running Android.

A16 Bionic Performance

Also, iOS updates happen on all models for several years, which gives a great survival to older models.

Then, stop buying the latest generation iPhone and choose a cheaper one from previous generation it makes complete sense.

You give up a few new features, but on the other hand you have all the strength and power of an iPhone running the latest iOS.

Investing in a previous generation can be very worthwhile in terms of cost/benefit.

non-pro line

For those who don’t care about the top of the line and just want a good device that runs all the new features of iOS 16, the models in the simplest category (non-Pro) are a great choice.

These are models that, when bought new, can offer years of use, still receiving updates for a long time.

Below you see some links to offers, with the price of the iPhone 14 for you to have as a reference and to be able to choose which one is the best for you.

Pro Line

If you need a more robust device, with more advanced features in cameras and internal components, a iPhone Pro can also be found at better prices.

Here, the same reasoning applies: you may even be deprived of some more modern features, such as Dynamic Island or the latest generation processor, however, you will still have a powerful device with performance that matches many top of the line from other brands .

So, did you find your ideal model?

Note that in the Pro line, it is worth investing more in a 13 Pro than in a 12 Pro.

We will constantly update this article to always bring you the best finds on model offers that can fit your budget.

After all, nothing like the feeling of opening a brand new iPhone, paying less. 😉

Want to know what has changed in each generation? Then check out our comparisons:

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