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Applications with free courses can be easily found for iPhone (iOS) and Android phones. The options include names like Khan Academy, Coursera and Udemy, and they have teachings aimed at different areas – such as marketing, technology, programming, design and more. It is possible to seek a professionalization and also find a new hobby from the apps. Some offer tools to create annotations within the video itself, the possibility of watching offline and a free certificate. In the next few lines, learn about seven apps with free courses for you to learn new things on your cell phone.

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7 apps with free courses for you to learn new things on your phone — Photo: Unsplash/Sebastian Bednarek

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Learning is a platform that, although it has paid content, often offers free courses. The system does not allow filtering by free training courses, but Linkedin usually notifies the user when free classes are available. The contents are diverse and present studies for areas such as marketing, human resources, graphic design and technology. In addition, you can also find many topics related to personal and career development.

The application’s interface also features a main tab that selects the best training courses for each person, segmented according to the professional sector and skills registered in the LinkedIn profile. There is also the possibility of browsing by categories, or searching by skills and themes in the search bar.

Free payment options are highlighted in green under the title of each video, while those that require a subscription appear with a lock icon. Currently, the “Essentials of Teamwork” program is fully released in the app. In general, most courses on the platform also provide the first class for free for testing. LinkedIn Learning costs R$49.90 per month, or R$359.90 per year.

LinkedIn Learning opens courses to be attended for free frequently — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

On Udemy, you can find several free or very affordable video lessons. The app is made up of options in different categories such as business, IT, design, marketing and healthcare. As the app is open for any teacher or content producer to create a course and sell it there, it is possible to find teachings ranging from programming language to alternative medicine, such as aromatherapy.

To find a free training, just open the tab “Search” and type the desired term or select from the predefined options. Then go to the filter symbol at the top of the page and search for “Price” > “Free”. Videos can be viewed on the platform itself or downloaded to be viewed offline.

It is also possible to create notes to be attached to certain parts of the playback, activate subtitles and check what has already been watched. Some teachers also offer support to answer questions. Most trainings present certificate after completion of classes. Regarding prices, there are options from R$ 22.90.

Free classes on different topics can be found on Udemy — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

Duolingo is yet another alternative that offers quality content without charging anything. The app is intuitive and has more than 30 languages ​​available, such as English, Spanish, Italian and French. The tool also presents exercises for basic, intermediate and advanced levels. The lessons are divided into sections that are unlocked as the user progresses. Some courses also have “Duolingo Stories”, a series of short and fun narrations to train reading and listening in the language studied.

To encourage the student, the platform has several missions, medals and scores. Despite being free to use virtually all functions, the app has a paid version that removes ads, unlocks unlimited lives, and lets you skip more difficult lessons. The value of the individual subscription is R$14.99/month or R$22.49/month for the family plan, which serves two to six members.

Learn languages ​​with gamified classes on Duolingo — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

If you are interested in or need reinforcement in basic subjects, Khan Academy can be a good option at no cost to improve your learning. The platform has video and audio classes in mathematics, science, computing, Portuguese, arts and economics. Some courses are even separated according to the school year – which is especially useful for those still in high school. The purpose of the app is to be a helper for both students and parents and teachers.

Khan Academy for Educators, for example, is a variation of the app to be used in the classroom by teachers, who can track student learning and suggest exercises. Parents, on the other hand, can monitor the progress of the content studied by their children. Finally, there is also a version of the service for children from two to eight years of age, with lessons according to age group.

Khan Academy provides basic voice or video lessons, as well as exercises — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

Developed to serve the technological area, Alura offers more than a thousand courses. They are training in design thinking, front-end, data science and much more. To enter the platform, you must subscribe for R$1,020 or R$1,440, depending on the plan, in a single payment. However, the company makes free content available online frequently. Recently, more than ten classes were offered free of charge in programming language.

In addition, the app features several free studies to read and links to videos from their YouTube channel. The online school also has a wide variety of podcasts on the topics covered, which can be listened to without the need for registration or enrollment. To find them, just go to the bottom of the page in “Contents” and search for “Articles”, “Podcasts” or “Immersions”.

Watch classes, listen to podcasts and read free articles about technology with Alura — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

Studying at major universities in the world and for free is possible with Coursera. The tool offers courses at educational institutions such as Stanford, Yale and Princeton. In total, there are more than one hundred national and international schools available. Programs include areas of technology, business, music, health, etc. Video lessons can be watched in the app or downloaded to watch offline later.

About language, Coursera offers courses in 12 languages, more than 500 in English. There are also options in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian. Subtitles are available in the native language of each program, but almost all have English translation as well. The certificates can be received after the training is finished, however, to have access to them, it is necessary to pay. Prices start at $97.

Coursera offers courses from renowned universities — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

There is a lot of quality content on YouTube to study. You can find complete classes on the platform with good teachers, depending on the topic you are researching. To find a subject you want to study, just type in the search bar “Videoula” and then the keyword.

The “Explore” tab of the app also offers a category called “Learn” that has knowledge recommendations based on your interests. In addition, many online schools have profiles and routinely post videos there. YouTube is completely free, but it also has a paid version that costs R$12.50/month for university students and R$20.90/month for the general population. The upgrade removes ads and frees the download for offline viewing.

YouTube has several channels that propose to teach — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

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