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It was to be expected that there would be a drop in Cruzeiro’s pace after achieving all the goals in Serie B in 2022. With the title and access won, the team has nothing more to look for in sporting terms. For this reason, the third phase of the entrance exam, aiming at next year’s Série A, was implemented in front of Vila Nova-GO, this Friday.

Best moments: Vila Nova 1 x 0 Cruzeiro, for the 35th round of the Brasileirão Série B 2022

Best moments: Vila Nova 1 x 0 Cruzeiro, for the 35th round of the Brasileirão Série B 2022

Even Cruzeiro players admitted the drop in performance and how difficult it is to motivate themselves, after reaching all the goals. It was demonstrated during the match, with moments from the team that was left from the Series B and others from the one already in the party and celebration phase.

But the planning doesn’t stop at the team. That’s why, again, Paulo Pezzolano’s commission – absent due to having to serve suspension – again put an alternative team on the field, saving holders of the historic campaign.

It was the turn to watch defender Luís Felipe (Oliveira was suspended), who played only the second game with the Cruzeiro shirt, as he had little space in the face of the success of the trio Zé Ivaldo-Oliveira-Brock. The defender has a contract with the Minas Gerais club until next year, but little has been used by Pezzolano, which leaves questions about his continuity.

Cruzeiro and Vila Nova players compete for the ball in a game for Série B — Photo: Isabela Azine/AGIF

In the middle, William Oliveira also had one more chance to resume the good football that put him as the absolute starter of the team during the first round of Series B. .

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The young Kaiki, left side coming from the base and who recently had a renewed contract, also had another chance and performed well. He still needs to show himself more offensively, presenting himself more for the game and being one of the alternatives, but these are just the boy’s first steps in the transition to the professional team. He has shown security.

“Holiday cast”, comments Fernanda |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Holiday cast”, comments Fernanda | The Voice of the Crowd

In attack, well modified formation. Like Zé Ivaldo, Jajá is on loan until the end of the year and, at the moment, it is unlikely that he will remain. After being out of some games for disciplinary reasons, the striker was again selected as a starter, but ended up having few positive moments, as well as teammates Bruno Rodrigues and Lincoln.

Lincoln, by the way, has a contract with Cruzeiro until 2023, but he could return to Vissel Kobe, from Japan, at the end of the season. The striker played without a leading role in the match. Still looking for the best pace of play too – he hasn’t played for 90 minutes with the celestial shirt.

Lincoln, from Cruzeiro, during a game against Vila Nova — Photo: Staff Imagens / Cruzeiro

During the second half, others gained the opportunity to show themselves. The case of young defensive midfielder Xavier, who should be used more next year, and also striker Juan Christian, who arrived to recover from injury and has been gaining chances in this final stretch, to try to show that he can stay.

New phases of Pezzolano’s entrance exam will be ahead in the next three rounds. Logically, the coach should put a more robust team in Mineirão’s games, to maintain the unbeaten record as home team and, in the case of the last game, at the time of lifting the cup. If the goals of 2022 were achieved, for some, those of 2023 are already at stake in the Cruzeiro squad.

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5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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