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One of the new features of iOS 16 is the so-called passkey, or password as translated on the system. It is a way to authenticate on websites and services without needing passwords or captchas.

It’s one of the new features of iOS 16, but it’s not an exclusive creation by Apple. It’s actually a joint effort by leading technology companies to create a single standard for internet security.

And this week Google announced that it is accelerating implementation on its systems as well. both the android how much google Chrome will receive support for the feature.

Developers can now implement passwords on their websites via the API WebAUthnand the novelty will work in the Chrome browser (Android and computer).

On Android, creating a password will be simple: just validate your account information before presenting your biometric authentication. The same process must be carried out to connect, and everything is stored in Google’s password manager (in the cloud) to avoid any problems in case of loss of the device.

The news is great, as users won’t have to worry about passwords only working on a closed platform. It will be valid for everyone.

These passkeys work when browsing on a PC or Mac and are interoperable depending on the platform. For example, you can sign in using a QR code displayed on a Windows computer using your iOS device’s passkeys.

It will still take a few months for most sites and services to adopt the new initiative. But if you want to start testing it with your iOS 16, just access this Hanko demo site on your iPhone or iPad.

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