Apple employee fired after making videos for her TikTok profile

An Apple employee was fired after making videos for her TikTok profile showing her daily life at the company. The publication was made in April and has already accumulated more than 400 thousand views within the platform. However, Nylah Boone’s contract with the apple was not renewed.

In general, the company has very strict rules regarding the disclosure of the work of its employees. In this sense, it is worth remembering an engineer who faced problems when helping a follower on the short video social network. At the time, she was threatened with dismissal by her superior. Boone, in turn, spoke about the situation:

My followers or people who contact me or comment are almost 80% black women. It was important for me to be able to connect with other women of color, as well as encourage them: ‘You can work in this industry or in this role.’

Despite the problem, she has already managed to get another job and is currently working at a marketing agency. In fact, the new company’s policies allow the user to make productions for her profile on TikTok. Still, the original video is still up and anyone can see it.

Nylah Boone has almost 30,000 followers on the platform and her content is basically showing her daily life, fashion tips and also travel videos. So, she can make use of some of the tools that the social network has recently received linked to the creation and editing of productions.

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