best options to earn extra income using your cell phone

Currently, many Brazilians are looking for alternatives to earn money on the internet and supplement their income without leaving home. Among this audience, game applications are very successful. After all, who wouldn’t want to profit from having fun? Many gaming platforms offer real payouts to subscribers. So, how to find the best games to make money on the internet in 2022?

First of all, it is worth remembering that games to earn money offer small payouts to users. Therefore, it is worth distrusting platforms that promise quick and expressive profits. Even so, as several alternatives offer withdrawals in dollars, Brazilians have great possibilities to guarantee real income. With that in mind, check out the best games to make money on mobile below.

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Games to earn money on mobile – Meet Bubble Legend

The Bubble Legend game app is one of the most downloaded on the Play Store. Currently, the app already has more than 5 million active users – which proves its enormous popularity. To earn money in the app, subscribers just need to excel in a simple matching game, in the classic CandyCrush style.

In the Bubble Legend game, users must match identically colored bubbles and clear them from the screen. The game only ends when all the bubbles are popped (or when the combination possibilities are extinguished). Users can receive via Pix, PayPal and traditional bank transfer.

Bubble Legends does not yet have reviews on the Play Store. To download the app, just go to

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Learn all about Bingo Tour

If you want to earn money on iPhone, the Bingo Tour app is a great alternative. The app ranks 3rd in the App Store’s most downloaded “income generating games” ranking. The platform’s operating model is very simple: users earn points with the game, reach the minimum withdrawal amount, and request payments.

The Bingo Tour game mixes elements of classic bingo (in which users win money with winning balls) with slot machine draws. However, to ensure profits, users do not need to spend. The app is completely free. Payments are made in dollars, always via PayPal.

On the App Store, Bingo Tour secured a 4.9 (out of 5) score, one of the highest in the category. To download the app, just go to

To profit on Android, Big Time is a good option

The Big Time app is only available on the Play Store. In other words, it only works on phones with the Android operating system. The app stands out for having several income generation alternatives. One of the most popular involves downloading games. The platform has games of various themes, such as puzzles, quizzes and more.

To earn money on Big Time, users must choose one of the games on the platform, download it, guarantee good scores, return to the home app and request a withdrawal. As Big Time is an international application, withdrawals are made in dollars. Users can receive via PayPal or opt for other rewards such as online game credits.

On the Play Store, Big Time secured a grade of 4.2 (out of 5), considered average. To download the app, just go to

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Bubble Cash is available on the App Store

The Bubble Cash app has a very similar premise to that of Bubble Legend (which we already mentioned above). The difference is the fact that Bubble Cash is available on the Play Store, for mobile phones with the iOS operating system. Be that as it may, to earn money, users must ensure a good performance in the platform game.

In Bubble Cash game, users’ goal is to clear the bubbles from the screen. For this, it is necessary to place the bubbles of equal colors side by side. From there, just pop them and accumulate points. Eventually, just access the withdrawal area of ​​the app and request the transfer (which is made in dollars, always via PayPal).

In the App Store, Bubble Cash secured a grade of 4.6 (out of 5), considered high. To download the app, just go to

Cash’em All offers dollar payments

In addition to being a lot of fun, the Cash’em All app stands out for offering payments in dollars for Brazilian users. Only available on the Play Store, the app has already been downloaded by about 50 million people. With great reviews, the platform is one of the most popular income-generating alternatives on the app store.

To earn money, there’s no secret: users must guarantee expressive scores in the app’s games. The platform has games of different styles, such as casual, strategy, action, puzzle, adventure and arcade. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 dollars (about R$ 50). Payments are made via PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

On the Play Store, Cash’em All secured a grade of 4.4 (out of 5), considered average. To download the app, just go to

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Games to earn money – Is it possible to profit in the Match to Win app?

Available for download from the App Store for Apple devices only, Match do Win is the 10th most popular app in the “casino” category. In the app, users earn money by playing a matching game. The objective of the players, in this way, is to eliminate all the jewels from the screen. For this, it is necessary to combine them with items of identical colors.

For each group eliminated (with more than 3 jewels), users receive a certain amount of points, which can later be converted into real payments. As the app is only available in English, a basic knowledge of the language is recommended. Payments, as usual, take place via PayPal.

In the App Store, Match to Win secured a grade of 4.5 (out of 5), considered average. To download the app, just go to

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps or games. We are not affiliated with the app or developer, we recommend that you carefully research and read all information before downloading any app or registering on platforms or websites.

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