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Many people do not feel secure when making an online purchase and therefore do not know whether or not to add their data when requested, such as credit and debit card details. For this reason, Mastercard, the flag of Inter cards, created a very useful tool for everyone’s daily lives: Click to Pay.

Click to Pay, which was called Masterpass, is Mastercard’s digital wallet. In it you will be able to store your card so that you can make payments without having to enter its data. The user can use the tool in any e-commerce that is participating.

So you can access your information securely and make the payment in just a few clicks. Password is not required. The process is quick and simple so you have full control over your accounts.

Advantages of Click to Pay

Click to Pay is the best online payment method as it has advanced payment technology. It is designed to industry and intelligent security standards. Mastercard is stored in Click to Pay so you can buy without having to consult and enter your card details.

Check out some advantages of the tool:

  • Make your purchases at any participating e-commerce;
  • Access your information securely;
  • Pay with just a few clicks.

How to use the Mastercard tool?

You can use it in any e-commerce that has the program icon or the Mastercard logo at the time of payment. It is possible to use it in all Mastercard payment methods, credit, debit and prepaid, as long as the merchant accepts the modality.

Click to Pay is an innovative way to make payments online, making passwords a thing of the past. To create an account, it is necessary to register on the platform to add your Mastercard card.

  • First, look for the Click to Pay icon on any participating e-commerce;
  • Select your Mastercard card that is saved in the program;
  • Finally, make the payment safely and with just a few clicks.

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