find out how to find your car with whatsapp

Do you have a somewhat flighty mind and tend to forget even the most obvious things like where you parked your car? So we prepared a very interesting tip that can help a lot to solve some of the problems in your daily life. Here’s how to find your car with WhatsApp.

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Step by step to find your car with WhatsApp

Yes, you can find your car with WhatsApp and we have separated a complete step-by-step guide to do this.

Grab the notebook and don’t miss any details of the instructions given below:

Step 1 – Open the WhatsApp application on your cell phone normally;

step 2 – Create a private chat. It’s also possible that you use a family contact, a group you’re only in, or something like that. Just keep in mind that if the person who sees you will know your location automatically and up to date.

step 3 – Make sure that temp messages are not active if you want to save the location for more than 24 hours. If you have this function enabled, the location you saved will disappear. This is critical to finding your car with the Whatsapp.

step 4 – In the chat of your choice (private) click on the attachment clip where the window can be used to send files, take a picture and do various other things like send location.

step 5 – Click on the option that says “location”, wait a while for it to update and then select the option “send my current location”.

Step 6 – Now you will have your location saved and you will be able to move to another location with complete confidence, because when you want to return you just have to go to the place where you saved the location and enter it.

Ready! If you adopt this habit starting today, you will be able to find your car with WhatsApp whenever you want and whenever you need to.

This process must be done every time you want to save a location you’ve been to. For example, you can do this at the place where you parked your vehicle so that you can easily find it when you return to pick it up.

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