Google wants to offer internet speeds of up to 8Gbps by 2023

Have you always wanted super fast internet up to 8 gigs? Your wish can start to come true from 2023, this is because Google, through its Fiber product, wants to offer residential plans at this speed. At first, the novelty will only be for the United States.


Through optical fiber, Google Fiber wants to stand out as the fastest internet in the world. The company will charge monthly fees of US$150 (about R$800) for the 8Gbps plan. It will also offer 5Gbps plans for US$120 (approximately R$640).

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According to Engadget, both plans will include identical upload and download rates, plus a WiFi 6 router and two mesh network extenders.

In 2020, Google had launched its 2Gbps plan for US$100 (currently around R$530). Speed ​​at this level is increasingly important in a world where people are more connected, including earning a lot of money on the internet.

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The launch of this super fast internet could be a boom in the provider market. If Google Fiber confirms expectations, it should make competitors follow suit, improving the services offered to the common public.

Next’22: Google presents its “person in 3D”

Google announced news for its cloud segment, Google Cloud, in another edition of Next’22 that took place last Tuesday (11). During Next’22, the American giant focused on data, artificial intelligence and security.

For Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, open and connected ecosystems are essential for the company. “This week, we are proud to announce cloud innovations that help companies embrace openness and interoperability, while also celebrating the incredible achievements of our customers and partners,” he said.

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