Here’s Why You Should Clear Information Often

Over time, your smartphone starts to show some slowness, especially if you use social networks a lot. When updating your resources and recording numerous activities, resulting in a large amount of records, the memory ends up getting full.

In addition, keeping too much information increases the risk of leaks, in which scammers hijack personal data.

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Is your WhatsApp getting slower and slower?

It is not uncommon to see reports of users mentioning problems with WhatsApp slowness and the explanation is usually related to overload.

This occurs while the app has to store so much material that it takes longer to respond. The smartphone’s operating system also goes through this process, reducing its speed as a whole.

Start by deleting the cache

On Android devices, to delete the cache you need to access the ”Settings”, click on ”Manage Applications” and search for the Whatsapp, selecting ”Storage” and finally, ”Clear Data and Clear Cache”. On the iPhone, which works on the iOS system, it is a little more work, given that access needs to be made through the application itself, in which the settings menu must be accessed, to manage the storage, deleting the files.

Keep your app up to date

Remember that the cache does not represent relevant features, but sequences of clicks and actions on the platform. Therefore, this method on mobile android does not delete documents.

However, don’t forget to do a general cleaning, deleting everything that is no longer useful: media and applications. By freeing up memory, you ensure that key gadgets are up to date.

Strengthen your privacy on networks

One of the main benefits of managing available space on your smartphone is ensuring that security updates can be made quickly. WhatsApp improvements and other apps require a few megabytes or gigs more of internal memory, so be sure to clear your cache. By enabling the new protection barriers, you are no longer a target for scammers.

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